Timothy Bradley Apologizes for Comments on Boxer’s Tragic Passing

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Timothy Bradley has apologized for his comments astir the caller passing of boxer Simiso Buthelezi.

As we mentioned past week, boxer Simiso Buthelezi passed away astatine conscionable 24-years-old aft a bizarre incidental wrong the ring. Buthelezi really knocked his hostile down wrong of the ring, earlier the referee allowed him to get up.

However, arsenic soon arsenic the referee signaled for the enactment to resume, Buthelezi walked into an bare country and began throwing punches into mid-air. Knowing thing was evidently wrong, the referee instantly waved disconnected the fight.

It was announced soon aft that Buthelezi sadly passed away. During Saturday’s broadcast of Top Rank connected ESPN, boxer Roamer Alexis Angulo had doubly gone to a neutral country successful betwixt rounds, alternatively of his own.

Commentators Joe Tessitore and Timothy Bradley made enactment of this during the broadcast. Bradley noted that “I’ve seen worse,” detailing the video of Buthelezi, however, seemingly unaware helium had aboriginal passed.

“I’ve seen worse. There’s a video circulating close present wherever a feline really knocked different feline retired of the ring,” Bradley said (via Bloody Elbow). “He got backmost successful the ringing and the different feline really started boxing a shade successful the corner.”

Tessitore past laughed, to which Bradley commented, “I’m serious. He was boxing idiosyncratic successful the country erstwhile the ref said ‘box.’ I’m telling you.”

Later during the broadcast, some Bradley and Tessitore apologized for their comments aft being made alert of Buthelezi’s passing.

“I privation to instrumentality the clip retired close present and apologize for that past connection that I made astir that feline that was really punching idiosyncratic successful the corner. He really passed distant a fewer days ago. I had nary hint that helium passed away, and I conscionable privation to springiness my utmost apologies to his household and to his loved ones,” Bradley said.

“I was unaware of the video you were referencing,” Tessitore responded. “I cognize you were conscionable telling the story, but determination was the quality this week that Simiso Buthelezi passed distant successful South Africa aft a fight. Obviously our thoughts, arsenic is ever the lawsuit with this sport, are precise alert of the dangers that tin travel from it — the risks that each fighters take. Timmy we admit you apologizing.

Tim Bradley and Joe Tessitore had to bash a precise solemn and awkward apology minutes aft airy heartedly discussing a viral video wherever a boxer becomes disorientated and starts shadiness boxing an bare country of the ring. They were unaware that boxer had passed distant this week. pic.twitter.com/DOOzhWIkgF

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