Toni Storm Reveals Pitched Love Triangle Storyline In WWE

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WWE had talked astir putting Toni Storm successful a emotion triangle storyline with Rick Boogs and Dolph Ziggler earlier her merchandise from the company.

The AEW prima precocious appeared connected Chris Jericho‘s Talk Is Jericho podcast. She discussed things specified arsenic her debut for Tony Khan‘s promotion and more.

Storm was not utilized connected TV for the astir portion of her main roster career. Though she revealed a storyline thought that was pitched during her aboriginal days:

“There was bits and pieces present and there, like, ‘Oh, you’re successful emotion with Rick Boogs and the emotion triangle with Dolph Ziggler,’ and that ne'er truly went anywhere. Just bits and pieces present and there.”

Toni Storm Explains Difference Between Environment Of WWE And AEW

After spending astir of her clip sitting successful catering, Toni Storm yet got into a storyline with Charlotte. However, it wasn’t capable to support her around:

“Then I was moving with Charlotte and worldly seemed to beryllium picking up from there, but then, with a batch of contributing factors, benignant of conscionable led to maine saying, ‘You cognize what? I can’t f*cking bash this anymore'”

Toni Storm requested her WWE merchandise successful December past year. She made her AEW debut astir 3 months aboriginal connected March 30.

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