Tony Khan & MJF Disagree On Contract Extension, Who Is In The Right?

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There are immoderate caller details regarding the concern with MJF and AEW.

It’s wide that MJF is poised to beryllium the hottest happening successful pro wrestling erstwhile 2024 rolls around. As it is, he’s 1 of the apical heels successful the concern and his banal continues to soar.

With that said, reports person indicated that Maxwell Jacob Friedman and AEW aren’t precisely connected the aforesaid page.

Of course, 2024 is important due to the fact that that’s erstwhile MJF’s declaration with AEW expires.

Latest On MJF & Tony Khan

Will Washington of Fightful recently claimed that the contented astatine manus with MJF and AEW President Tony Khan has to bash with a declaration extension. He claims that the connection is that MJF wants much wealth but Khan isn’t consenting to fulfill his petition if his apical bottommost won’t motion an extension.

Furthermore, Will claims that not galore wrong AEW are taking MJF’s broadside connected the substance due to the fact that they consciousness helium indispensable grant the archetypal agreement.

It’s important to enactment that idiosyncratic could precise good beryllium feeding one-sided accusation to enactment unit connected MJF. After all, if things aren’t going someone’s way, it’s casual to enactment retired thing antagonistic connected the idiosyncratic who won’t cooperate.

So Tony Khan doesn’t person an contented giving MJF a raise, nevertheless he’s asking MJF to motion for much years to get the rise and MJF doesn’t privation to. Will Washington says that the AEW lockeroom is not connected MJF’s broadside connected this concern and if helium wants much wealth helium needs to motion connected longer

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Who Is In The Right?

It isn’t hard to recognize wherefore MJF would privation much money. He’s decidedly exceeded the worth of his 2019 deal. With that said, if helium genuinely wants much wealth yet doesn’t privation to motion connected beyond 2024, you tin spot wherefore AEW wouldn’t privation to bash that.

Since signing his archetypal AEW deal, MJF has seen the likes of Bryan Danielson and CM Punk get large wealth contracts.

Social media has already been abuzz with AEW fanboys and detractors chiming in. The fanboys are roasting MJF, portion the detractors are buttering him up successful hopes that he’ll marque the leap to WWE.

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Who bash you deliberation is successful the close here?