UFC 274: OSP On Possibly Being Shogun’s Last Fight: “I Guess It Sucks For Him”

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Phoenix, AZ – Sometimes we get a combat that cipher expected oregon was adjacent asking for, but erstwhile it’s present we’re gladsome it got enactment together. UFC airy heavyweight Ovince Saint Preux volition rematch Shogun Rua astatine UFC 274 connected Saturday night.

“I thought astir it due to the fact that I cognize we haven’t fought it a while. I was similar I’ll spell up and instrumentality it. We were expected to combat a mates years backmost anyway. I retrieve specifically that fight. Flying to Japan I got connected the level and didn’t person an opponent,” OSP told reporters connected Wednesday.

With this being a rematch from their archetypal 2014 combat you would deliberation looking backmost astatine that bout would beryllium thing that could assistance successful mentation for UFC 274.

“It’s beauteous overmuch pointless. People change, fighters change, your benignant changes implicit time. Me warring 8 years agone is wholly antithetic than maine now,” OSP said.

Even though it’s a rematch from a bout that ended successful a knockout OSP inactive relishes successful warring idiosyncratic helium looked up to earlier helium adjacent entered the sport.

“I told radical earlier I was a Shogun instrumentality earlier I started fighting. My archetypal fights were watching Shogun backmost successful Pride. Now to combat him 1 time, bushed him, and to bash it again, it’s going to beryllium a staple,” said OSP.

OSP amazed immoderate by taking a heavyweight bout against Tanner Boser successful July 2021 wherever mislaid via KO successful the 3rd round. Heavyweight bouts, however, are nary longer thing OSP wants to bash anymore.

“As overmuch arsenic I dip and dabble successful the heavyweight part and what not. It’s not for me. With the heavyweight division…they deed hard. They deed hard, but besides excessively immoderate of the shots I springiness the heavyweights a batch of 205 pounders won’t beryllium capable to instrumentality it,” OSP said.

With galore reasoning that this whitethorn successful information beryllium Shogun’s last bout arsenic a nonrecreational combatant it could marque this bout adjacent much peculiar for OSP. The airy heavyweight nevertheless lone had 1 happening to accidental astir that.

“I conjecture it sucks for him.”

Ovince Saint Preux takes connected Shogun Rua astatine UFC 274 connected Saturday, April 7, 2022 astatine the Footprint Center successful Phoenix, Arizona. Check retired Saint Preux’s afloat media time scrum above. More sum tin beryllium recovered below.