UFC 274: Shogun Rua Says He Has Two Fights Left, Then Will Retire

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Phoenix, AZ – MMA is inactive a athletics successful its infancy erstwhile you comparison it to different large sports successful the world. We’re present astatine the constituent wherever we get to spot surviving legends successful the cage warring successful what volition beryllium 1 of their lasts contests successful their career. For UFC airy heavyweight Mauricio “Shogun” Rua his bout astatine UFC 274 connected Saturday nighttime volition beryllium 1 of the past opportunities to spot him vie successful the octagon.

“I inactive get nervous, arsenic a beginner, arsenic a debut let’s say. At the aforesaid clip I’m utilized to dealing with it arsenic it has been portion of my vocation for 20 years. It’s thing I’m going to transportation connected and treasure and retrieve for arsenic agelong arsenic I live,” Shogun told reporters done a translator connected Wednesday.

Shogun has been warring professionally for implicit 20 years starting his vocation successful 2005 and warring successful promotions specified arsenic Pride, IFC and UFC. This volition beryllium his archetypal bout connected the different broadside of 40-years-old.

“It’s benignant of brainsick due to the fact that for galore years successful Chute Boxe they had a nickname for me. Like Young Bull, Baby Bull. Now I’m 1 of the oldest guys connected the mat successful my grooming truthful it’s benignant of funny, but convey God I’m capable to bid well. I’m feeling good, I bash bully sparring truthful I doesn’t truly impact me. I’m enjoying it,” Shogun said.

Shogun faces Ovince Saint Preux successful a rematch of their 2014 bout wherever Rua mislaid via archetypal circular KO. It’s a rematch that Shogun had been offered before, but didn’t deliberation would really happen.

“Actually we were expected to combat before. We did the archetypal combat successful 2014 and aboriginal UFC wanted to bash the rematch. We astir fought immoderate years ago, I deliberation it was 2017 successful Japan, but I got injured. You ne'er cognize what’s going to happen. It was thing that was determination to hap eventually. It’s not going to instrumentality spot and I’m excited,” Shogun said.

At 40-years-old and with truthful overmuch deterioration and teardrop connected his assemblage it’s harmless to accidental that Shogun’s clip arsenic an progressive nonrecreational combatant volition apt travel to an extremity soon.

“Yeah I already made it up my mind. I privation to bash 2 fights. This 1 and 1 past one, and past retire. That’s what I enactment arsenic a goal. Hopefully, possibly who knows, I tin some of them this year, and past discontinue successful 2022. But you ne'er know,” Shogun said.

“Either mode I privation to bash 2 fights, and retire.”

Shogun Rua takes connected Ovince Saint Preux astatine UFC 274 connected Saturday, April 7, 2022 astatine the Footprint Center successful Phoenix, Arizona. Check retired Rua’s afloat media time scrum above. More sum tin beryllium recovered below.