UFC 275: Jiri Prochazka Reacts to GSP Calling Him Future Champ

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After competing astatine a brisk gait aboriginal successful his career, Jiri Prochazka has seen his enactment dilatory since joining the UFC. So portion he’s warring for a rubric this Saturday astatine UFC 275, it’s been a twelvemonth since helium past saw action.

Prochazka (28-3-1) believes it’s each portion of the process, however. As helium explained during this week’s UFC 275 media day, aboriginal successful his career, “I was uncovering my style, and now, I’m conscionable sharpening the details. This clip betwixt the fights, it’s helping maine to beryllium amended successful each step. Because now, I’m taking each grooming similar the past training, similar a fight. That’s helping maine to beryllium better.”

Many spot airy heavyweight champion Glover Teixeira’s way to triumph against Prochazka arsenic being done wrestling. But Prochazka feels he’s acceptable for the crushed game, if it comes to that.

“I deliberation I tin wrestle with him easily,” the Czech combatant opined. “I tin wrestle with him, I tin respond for his fakes for his wrestling. And the jiu-jitsu, the crushed game, I’m not similar different fighters who privation to play jiu-jitsu oregon bid jiu-jitsu. For me, the crushed crippled is simple. Ground and pound, and find the finish. Nothing else.”

Ahead of UFC 275, UFC Hall of Famer and all-time large Georges St-Pierre said that helium viewed Prochazka arsenic a aboriginal champion. The airy heavyweight was thrilled to perceive those words.

“Man that’s a immense honor. That’s a immense honor. I work that yesterday. I person to say, he’s a true— I thought astir it, and I deliberation he’s existent warrior. Because he’s inactive working. He’s not warring actively, but he’s inactive working. Because helium loves it. And I’m the same. I emotion that. I emotion the fighting, and it’s a large grant for me.”

Watch the afloat UFC 275 media time quality from Jiri Prochazka above. The lawsuit takes spot this Saturday, June 11, 2022 astatine the Singapore Indoor Stadium.