UFC 275’s Valentina Shevchenko: Taila Santos Trying to “Hypnotize” Herself

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Valentina Shevchenko has been an unstoppable unit successful the UFC women’s flyweight part since she arrived determination successful 2018. So it’s nary astonishment that the archetypal question retired of the gross astatine this week’s UFC 275 media time was astir her moving backmost to bantamweight to prosecute a 2nd title.

That, earlier she’s adjacent stepped into the cage to look existent challenger Taila Santos.

“Every anticipation is inactive there,” flyweight champ Shevchenko (22-3) said regarding the future. “Maybe bantamweight, but still, [there are] a batch of caller contenders rising into my division. Any of these 2 options would enactment for me.”

As for Santos, Shevchenko has heard the challenger talking, and it’s the aforesaid speech she’s heard before.

“I deliberation it’s benignant of like, hypnotizing herself, trying to person [herself] that ‘there is something, determination should be, everyone is not perfect.’ Definitely not everyone is perfect, but it’s benignant of like, each my opponents, they were saying the same,” explained Shevchenko. “The same, implicit and over, it’s similar ‘no 1 is unbeatable, she has immoderate spread successful her game.'”

“But erstwhile they measurement wrong the octagon,” the champ continued, “they consciousness the other side, they consciousness the quality betwixt the fighters, and this is the astir important [thing]. She’s trying to hypnotize herself to person [herself] that determination should beryllium [a hole], but she’s wrong. It’s not going to enactment for her.”

Back to the bantamweight talk, which is ne'er acold from Shevchenko these days. “Bullet” says she doesn’t request immoderate information beyond being a martial artist, but it would look that the situation of a 2nd rubric mightiness adhd a small something. Shevchenko suggested different crushed for the imaginable determination up.

“I deliberation it’s mostly due to the fact that radical privation that. It was a treatment done the years, our trilogy with Amanda [Nunes]; present radical are speaking astir Julianna [Pena],” Shevchenko stated. “No substance what the result is gonna beryllium successful their combat successful July, either 1 works for me. Because it volition beryllium an absorbing combat against Amanda, and we person past with Julianna, due to the fact that a fewer years agone I submitted her. So it’s gonna be, either enactment is gonna enactment for me.”

Watch the afloat UFC 275 media time quality from Valentina Shevchenko above. The lawsuit takes spot this Saturday, June 11, 2022 astatine the Singapore Indoor Stadium.