UFC 275: Steve Garcia Opens Up on Medical Issues That Forced Move to 155

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Steve Garcia UFCSteve Garcia, UFC Norfolk ceremonial weigh-in Credit: Jay Anderson/Cageside Press

Steve Garcia is consenting to combat wherever ever the UFC volition person him — but he’s excited to vie successful beforehand of fans erstwhile again astatine UFC 275.

“I deliberation having a assemblage determination is going to beryllium great. I’m excited to person a assemblage determination again,” helium told The Top Turtle Podcast connected Cageside Press recently. “I deliberation that vigor is truthful awesome to feel. It’s radical that are conscionable fans, that privation to spot 2 radical spell astatine it— I deliberation that’s awesome.”

Garcia (12-4), a erstwhile Bellator MMA veteran, is 1-1 successful the UFC to date, and entering the octagon for the 3rd clip connected Saturday successful Singapore. He’d paired up with Damir Hadzovic earlier this year, lone for that bout to autumn through. In the end, it whitethorn person worked retired for the best, arsenic Garcia landed connected a higher-profile paper against promotional newcomer Hayisaer Maheshate.

In an absorbing twist, Garcia, who moved up successful value for a short-notice accidental against Luis Pena successful February 2020 to interruption into the UFC, is sticking with the lightweight division. For bully reason, helium explained.

“Most of my fights are astatine 35. Most radical don’t truly cognize that, they deliberation it’s dispersed retired to 45. I privation to say, I deliberation total, and this is including amateur and each my different fights too, this volition beryllium my 33rd fight,” helium recalled. “And I privation to accidental anyplace from 26 to 28 of them are astatine 35 [bantamweight]. I’ve had possibly 3 oregon 4 of them astatine 45 [featherweight], this volition beryllium my 3rd 1 astatine 55 [lightweight]. At the extremity of the day, my eventual extremity is to triumph nary substance what value people I’m at.”

But the crushed Garcia is continuing to combat astatine 155 pounds isn’t astir gaining immoderate benignant of advantage, helium continued. “It became a aesculapian contented for me. I was really scheduled to look Steven Peterson and Charles Jourdain astatine 45, but I was moving into a batch of aesculapian issues, similar gut related. And truthful I was having trouble. I didn’t privation to propulsion retired but I pushed my assemblage to the limit, and it conscionable would backfire connected me, I’d consciousness truthful sick. After truthful long, you cognize something’s wrong.”

While grooming for those fights astatine 145 pounds, Garcia was forced to marque a decision. “I’m similar ‘man this is going to beryllium hard for me, particularly dealing with immoderate of the issues that I’ve been dealing with, but I deliberation the safest stake for maine is to spell to 55 until I fig things out. And if I enactment present astatine 55 past I enactment astatine 55.'”

Lack of acquisition astatine lightweight didn’t assistance matters. “It was a hard determination to marque conscionable due to the fact that I’d ne'er truly competed astatine 55 until I fought Luis Pena. It was tough, I’m inactive dealing with it, I inactive person to woody with the information that I americium warring bigger guys, and I’m trying to enactment connected a small spot of size myself. So I’m chiefly doing it for the information and wellness of myself,” continued Garcia, who admits that successful the end, years of cutting value has yet caught up with him.

“I’ve chopped value truthful hard for truthful galore years, that’s beauteous overmuch the occupation of wherefore I’ve been struggling truthful overmuch with value cutting— present it’s caught up to me.” Noting that his assemblage is healing up beauteous well, however, “who knows,” Garcia added. “I mightiness beryllium backmost astatine 45, but close now, 55 is my home.”

Steve Garcia faces Hayisaer Maheshate successful a lightweight clash astatine UFC 275 connected Saturday, June 11, 2022. The bout volition beryllium portion of the televised preliminary information of the Singapore-based card.