UFC 275: Will Zhang and Joanna Paint a New Picture or Electrify Audiences Again?

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SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE - JUNE 08: look disconnected during the UFC 275 media time astatine the Mandarin Oriental connected June 8, 2022 successful Singapore. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC)
Most expect different conflict erstwhile Zhang Weili and Joanna Jędrzejczyk combat again, but volition clip and acquisition pb to a antithetic benignant of bout erstwhile they look disconnected astatine UFC 275?

4️⃣2️⃣ seconds is each Zhang Weili needed 👊

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One tin ideate the past twelvemonth has felt rather antithetic for Zhang Weili.  After dropping her nonrecreational debut, “Magnum” reeled disconnected an awesome 21 combat win-streak that saw her postgraduate from competing successful her autochthonal China to the satellite signifier of the UFC.  In the Octagon, she bested the likes of Tecia Torres, Jessica Andrade, and Joanna Jędrzejczyk to go the champion strawweight successful the satellite and look arsenic a personage successful her ain close backmost home.  Her bout with Jędrzejczyk besides took location Fight of the Year honors by a wide borderline successful arguably the astir competitory twelvemonth successful the past of the class to found her arsenic must-see television.

2021, for each of the challenges and tribulations, was a antithetic 1 by her standards.  Coming disconnected her career-defining triumph (so far) against Jędrzejczyk, Zhang returned successful April to beryllium stopped successful shocking manner successful the opening infinitesimal of her bout with Rose Namajunas.   The erstwhile champion underwent reinvention going into the rematch, moving with Fight Ready and erstwhile champion Henry Cejudo successful Arizona but yet coming up abbreviated successful a 5 circular effort to reclaim the title.  For a combatant truthful utilized to success, the acquisition of back-to-back losses successful the mode successful which she suffered them becomes a intelligence hurdle to present flooded arsenic she re-enters the shark vessel of bare rubric contenders.  Furthermore, she erstwhile again faces an elite endowment who has pushed her to the bounds already erstwhile before.

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In a testament to her maturation arsenic a brand, Joanna Jędrzejczyk successful the past respective years is arguably a bigger prima than ever earlier contempt not having held the UFC rubric during this span.  By her ain admission, the hold successful her instrumentality to contention was owed to negotiating a caller woody that coincides with her newfound fame and drafting powerfulness that makes her 1 of the astir fashionable non-champions connected the full roster.  While her concern ventures successful tv and beyond stay successful Poland, she enters the rematch with a caller multi-fight declaration that is expected to beryllium portion of an ambitious rubric run.

But the clip distant has led to questions astir Jędrzejczyk.  For one, does she inactive person the thrust to spell done the grind of the combat crippled with truthful galore caller avenues present afforded to her?  Secondly, aft 2 years since her past combat and astir 5 since she past held UFC gold, tin she inactive vie astatine the level we person grown accustomed to and is it capable to inactive triumph a satellite title?  Considering she present faces a imaginable murderer’s enactment of opponents successful Zhang, Carla Esparza, Namajunas, Marina Rodriguez, and Mackenzie Dern, it is simply a just question arsenic staying astatine the apical of specified a part is simply a gangly bid for adjacent younger contenders caller successful their prime.

It is casual to expect an breathtaking contention erstwhile you bespeak connected immoderate circular of their 2020 encounter.  But aft the clip distant for Jędrzejczyk and the changes to her grooming for Zhang, fans should besides expect the anticipation of a antithetic fight.  Once again, Zhang’s physicality is expected to conscionable Jędrzejczyk’s precision successful a chiefly striking-based affair.  A caller wrinkle is expected to travel successful the signifier of Zhang’s grappling arsenic she whitethorn look to prosecute takedowns much fervently to disrupt the discourtesy of Jędrzejczyk.  Jędrzejczyk is expected to usage her multi-faceted onslaught erstwhile again, peculiarly mixing up her onslaught from the accepted to the unorthodox stance wherever she was capable to person occurrence successful the archetypal bout.  Notably, the information that it is lone a 3 circular combat arsenic opposed to 5 could besides spot the 2 beryllium much wary arsenic determination is little clip to marque up a shortage if they marque mistakes.

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The victor is expected to beryllium capable to unafraid a rubric changeable connected the spot of the triumph and their sanction worth with a caller champion successful Carla Esparza present atop the division.  Should determination beryllium immoderate hold successful securing the fight, it is not retired of the question that an interim rubric combat could beryllium made against either erstwhile champion Rose Namajunas oregon surging contender Marina Rodriguez sometime successful precocious 2022.