UFC 276: Alexander Volkanovski Hoping to Solidify Legacy

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UFC 276 Alexander VolkanovskiAlexander Volkanovski, UFC 276 Ceremonial Weigh-Ins. Credit: Alex Behunin/CagesidePress
Alexander Volkanovski is acceptable to support his featherweight rubric for the 4th clip successful the co-main lawsuit of UFC 276. Ahead of his 3rd combat with Max Holloway, Volkanovski is looking astatine the bigger picture.

After 3 rubric defenses, Alexander Volkanovski is being considered 1 of the champion featherweights to ever compete. The antheral helium had to decision doubly to summation that respect, Max Holloway, volition beryllium lining up crossed from him for the 3rd clip contiguous successful the co-main lawsuit of UFC 276.

One happening that separates him from different champions is the frequence with which helium fights. His 3rd bout with Holloway volition beryllium Volkanovski’s 3rd defence successful 9 months. The champion told Cageside Press what drives him to combat that often.

“I don’t cognize what it is,” Volkanovski said. “I conscionable similar to compete. I emotion the sport. This is however we marque our money. I’m successful the champion signifier of my life. I’m astatine my peak. I consciousness untouchable. I consciousness unbeatable. So portion we’re here, let’s smash retired these fights. I don’t cognize however galore years I person successful this sport, truthful let’s conscionable smash them out.”

A 3rd combat with idiosyncratic you’ve already defeated doubly is rare. However, Volkanovski knows helium can’t trust connected past experiences to bushed the erstwhile champion erstwhile again.

“I’ve spent 50 minutes successful a cage with this guy,” Volkanovski said. “I’ve watched a batch of this guy. He volition astir apt effort and travel up with thing new, which is exciting. That volition keeps maine connected my toes. But astatine the aforesaid time, I cognize astir him. I cognize that it’s going to beryllium a pace. I cognize he’s going to crook up, helium ever turns up. That gets maine up successful the greeting due to the fact that I cognize he’s going to amusement up.”

While Holloway’s attack whitethorn alteration successful this 3rd combat arsenic helium attempts to get the champion of the champion for the archetypal time, Volkanovski’s attack is consecutive forward: spot what Holloway wants to bash and adjust.

“My benignant goes by what’s successful beforehand of me,” helium said. “Fighting idiosyncratic similar Max has truly helped maine person this benignant that covers truthful overmuch ground. Fighting guys similar Max, similar Aldo, I mean large athletes, large MMA fighters wherever you request to beryllium connected your toes and marque adjustments connected the fly. So I’m the benignant of feline that I’ll bash something, I’ll spot what reply you person and I’m going to person truthful galore options for that.”

Of course, there’s seemingly plentifulness of vocation near for the 33-year-old Volkanovski. This fight, though, is 1 that could solidify the Australian’s legacy. He doesn’t caput reasoning astir the greater interaction this fight, and the imaginable win, volition person connected his career.

“That’s precisely wherefore I took this fight, due to the fact that of wherever it puts me,” Volkanovski said. “Again, adjacent if I’ve bushed him twice, he’s went retired and radical deliberation helium got better. He’s inactive considered arsenic 1 of the top featherweights of each time. This is inactive a bequest fight. This is inactive a immense fight. He’s inactive connected the pound-for-pound list. Beating idiosyncratic similar that 3 times successful their peak, successful their prime? If I spell up and bushed him now, that puts maine successful a truly bully position.”

Volkanovski volition look to adhd to that bequest contiguous successful the co-main lawsuit of UFC 276. He’s been grooming with some headliner Israel Adesanya and featured prelim combatant Brad Riddell for the combat and hopes the trio goes undefeated for the evening.