UFC: Aoriqileng Plans To Stay At Bantamweight, Regrets Not Making The Move Sooner

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Aoriqileng is staying astatine bantamweight for the foreseeable future.

China’s Aoriqileng picked up his archetypal UFC triumph past period astatine UFC Vegas 52, erstwhile helium finished Cameron Else successful little than 2 minutes with a assemblage changeable followed by crushed and pound. “The Mongolian Murderer” made his bantamweight debut successful the UFC aft warring his archetypal 2 bouts astatine flyweight. The combat marked his instrumentality to the division, wherever helium fought astir of his vocation extracurricular of the UFC.

Aoriqileng regrets not making the instrumentality to bantamweight sooner.

“Yeah, successful retrospect, I regret a batch that I didn’t take to combat successful the 135 part erstwhile I entered the UFC,” Aoriqileng told Cageside Press done his translator successful an exclusive interview. “I cognize each MMA fighters person a imagination of warring successful the UFC, and I was precise fortunate to get a accidental to get into UFC. I mislaid my archetypal 2 to fights, and it makes maine consciousness horrible.”

Picking up his archetypal UFC triumph successful his close division, helium plans to enactment astatine bantamweight. Oh, and his value chopped was overmuch amended this clip around.

“The value cutting process was overmuch much amended than erstwhile I fought successful 125 pounds due to the fact that earlier I entered UFC, I fought successful 135 part each the time. I conscionable felt acquainted with the value cutting into dehydration, and truthful I consciousness great. I was precise acquainted with this value cutting process,” Aoriqileng said.

Another large alteration for the 28-year aged was his combat camp. He trained successful Arizona astatine Fight Ready nether manager Eddie Cha. He plans to enactment with Cha and his teammate Alateng Heili.

“The acquisition of grooming astatine Fight Ready was great; it’s perfect. My friends introduced maine to this team. And since I started grooming there, we person a batch of different UFC fighters who are besides grooming there. So, each day, each grooming league arsenic we drill together, spar together, and stock our cognition and the method with each other. All of these things assistance maine a batch and assistance maine to marque a immense improvement. All the coaches and each the athletes dainty maine precise bully and instrumentality attraction of me,” Aoriqileng said.

As for what is next, Aoriqileng is staying successful the United States and waiting for his adjacent opponent.

Watch the remainder of our interrogation with Aoriqileng above.