UFC Austin: Gregory Rodrigues Believes Consistency Could Be Key Against Julian Marquez

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Gregory Rodrigues volition person a small much to combat for soon. In fact, helium does already. With a babe miss connected the way, owed successful the fall, UFC Austin’s Rodrigues is feeling the added information already.

“That’s 1 much happening to motivate maine for this fight. The caput changes a small bit. Now, it’s not going to beryllium conscionable my woman and I, it’s 1 much person. My daughter, 1 portion of myself,” Rodrigues (11-4) told Cageside Press successful an exclusive interrogation up of his combat with Julian Marquez. “I volition marque make definite she’s going to beryllium good, and I request to termination everyone. I termination already, but present I person 1 much crushed to bash what I do. And I emotion what I bash of course, but present I person 1 much crushed to bash my best, and get the champion results.”

“I’m truthful happy. I’m precise blessed to spot my beingness amended successful each ways. One, archetypal successful my vocation to get successful the UFC, now, my woman is pregnant, we moved from California to Florida, gathering a beingness here,” Rodrigues added.

“I’m truthful grateful, it’s going to beryllium 1 much large measurement successful my life, and I volition marque definite she’s going to person a champion dad.”

Rodrigues is coming disconnected a nonaccomplishment to Armen Petrosyan, the archetypal decision for the erstwhile LFA middleweight champ wrong the octagon.

“I person a batch of respect with Armen, he’s a warrior. It was a precise hard fight, I deliberation it’s 1 of the hardest fights I’ve had successful my life,” acknowledged Rodrigues. “In my head, I cognize I won the fight. The results connected the paper, they said not, but successful my caput I cognize I won that fight. But I deliberation everything happens for a reason, and I’m increasing a batch from that fight.”

With his coaches connected the aforesaid page, not overmuch has changed for Rodrigues successful presumption of grooming up of his return. But helium does privation to instrumentality immoderate uncertainty retired of the equation, should things spell to the judges again. “We don’t privation to springiness them the chance, to [get] results not similar we want.”

“I don’t privation doubt. I’m gonna get retired of the cage without a doubt, if you triumph oregon lose,” Rodrigues continued. “That’s changing successful my head. It’s hard for idiosyncratic to justice a fight. My question is, successful this fight, 2 [judges], they saw the combat successful 1 way, and 1 feline gave similar 3 rounds for him?”

It’s a small weird, is what it boils down to. But Rodrigues isn’t dwelling connected it. “My absorption is now, I hide astir it. I cognize what happened, I cognize I’m precise assured I won the fight, and past let’s spell to the adjacent one.”

The adjacent 1 is against “The Cuban Missile Crisis” Marquez, who Rodrigues called “a pugnacious guy.”

“I ne'er expect casual fights, ever I privation to combat the best. He’s 1 large situation for me, successful this adjacent bout,” said Rodrigues. “He has immoderate knockouts, submissions. He tin combat connected top, helium has bully pressure. But man, let’s spot if he’s going to support this unit connected me. I cognize who I am, I cognize my power, I cognize my crushed game, I cognize my striking game’s better. I deliberation it’s a bully match.”

Rodrigues had really asked matchmaker Mick Maynard for an hostile with much acquisition with the UFC. He’s got that successful Marquez. “Julian’s successful the UFC since similar 2015 maybe, and he’s fought guys that person bully names. He has a name, he’s gathering his sanction successful the UFC but helium didn’t combat [for a while], I deliberation his past combat was past year, I deliberation it’s a twelvemonth helium didn’t fight. I deliberation that’s one— I support consistently fighting, fighting, warring truthful possibly that’s going to beryllium the quality for me. But with everything, he’s a large fighter, I respect him, and some of america are guys who ever spell forward, and effort to decorativeness the fights. So it’s going to beryllium a large fight, definitely.”

Watch our afloat interrogation with UFC Austin’s Gregory Rodriguez above. The lawsuit takes spot this Saturday, June 18, 2022 astatine the Moody Center successful Austin, Texas.