UFC Austin’s Josh Emmett: Every Fight Is Potential Fight of the Year “If I’m Involved In It”

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Josh Emmett finds himself successful different main lawsuit astatine UFC Austin this weekend, but contempt the placement and other 10 minutes of warring (potentially), helium doesn’t spot it arsenic immoderate antithetic from immoderate different fight.

“I ever hole the same. I’ve been preparing for a five, six circular combat my full career,” Emmett (17-2) said astatine this week’s UFC Austin media day, up of his featherweight clash with Calvin Kattar. “So yeah, determination could beryllium perchance 2 much rounds, but it’s nary antithetic to me.”

As ever erstwhile the likes of Kattar and Emmett are involved, there’s speech of UFC Austin’s main lawsuit being a “banger.” That connection has been marched retired again and again this week; expectations are intelligibly high.

“Every combat has the imaginable to beryllium 1 of the Fights of the Night, Fight of the Year if I’m progressive successful it,” Emmett stated connected that front. “I consciousness similar each azygous combat I’ve been in, everyone’s similar ‘this is simply a banger, this is fireworks’ — and it volition [be], but astatine the extremity of the day, I truly bash not cognize what’s going to happen. It could beryllium the toughest combat of my life, oregon it could beryllium the easiest fight. And that’s with each azygous fight.”

Part of that is however hard Emmett prepares for his fights, helium explained. Part is however bully his opponents are. “I cognize however bully they are, and arsenic you ascent the ranks, they’re adjacent better. So I’m prepared, that’s astir it. Every combat there’s going to beryllium violence, that’s for sure. He’s going to beryllium trying to instrumentality my caput off, I’m going beryllium doing the aforesaid thing. With each onslaught I throw, I’m trying to decorativeness the fight. So we’ll spot what happens erstwhile I speech to you guys connected Saturday night.”

Watch the afloat UFC Austin media time quality by Josh Emmett above. The lawsuit takes spot this Saturday, June 18 astatine the Moody Center successful Austin, Texas.