UFC Austin’s Kevin Holland Hates Dominick Cruz Commentating His Fights: “Dude Bugs Me”

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Kevin Holland has a wily seasoned to contend with astatine UFC Austin this Saturday, successful the signifier of Tim “The Dirty Bird” Means.

“I’m loving it. Tim Means is an OG, he’s a veteran, what 45 fights? Close to 50. Dude’s connected point, man,” Holland (22-7, 1NC) said of the match-up during this week’s media day. “Looking guardant to it.”

Holland admits that Means has been astir truthful long, he’s a instrumentality of “The Dirty Bird” arsenic well, “but that being said, we enactment each that to the side, and we spell to work. Because it’s Tim Means, and you gotta mean concern erstwhile you’re successful determination with Tim Means.”

The erstwhile middleweight, entering his 2nd bout astatine 170 successful the UFC, simply doesn’t spot however Means wins connected Saturday. If it’s a war, it goes severely for Means, if it’s technical, it goes severely for Means, successful Holland’s opinion.

“There’s nary warfare there. If Tim looks to person a war, helium gets clipped and helium gets knocked out. I hatred to beryllium similar that, but that’s however it is,” Holland exclaimed. “If Tim looks to beryllium method and helium looks to beryllium smart, helium gets out-pointed and helium gets outclassed. If Tim looks to wrestle, good f*ck, you cognize what I mean? I’ve been moving the wrestling for implicit a twelvemonth now, and I judge if I enactment connected thing for implicit a year, it’s a f*cking problem. So I don’t cognize what the f*ck Dominick Cruz was successful present talking about, but it’s going to beryllium a f*cking problem.”

Cruz, the erstwhile UFC bantamweight champion, has rubbed a fig of fighters the incorrect mode with his commentary. Last year, helium besides got into thing of a spat with broadcast spouse Daniel Cormier. Count Holland among those who are not fans of Cruz successful the broadcast booth.

“He asked maine thing astir my wrestling, I don’t similar the mode helium asked it,” Holland explained. “I don’t similar that guy, bro. Saying that sh*t. Dude bugs me.”

“He ever has thing to accidental astir my sh*t. F*cking Dominick.”

While Holland doesn’t similar Cruz connected the mic, however, helium remains a instrumentality of the antheral successful the cage. “He’s inactive an OG though. That being said, I similar the mode helium fights, conscionable erstwhile helium commentates, I hatred however helium commentates my fights. But I emotion erstwhile helium fights. His movement’s f*cking crazy.”