UFC: Ode Osbourne Feels He and Jeff Molina Can Put On “A Nice Little Banger”

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Ode Osbourne, UFCOde Osbourne, UFC 268 Official Weigh-In Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

Ode Osbourne captured his 2nd consecutive triumph earlier this month, knocking retired Zarrukh Adashev astatine UFC Vegas 56.

The KO decorativeness was the benignant seldom seen successful the flyweight division, and proved Osbourne, 30, has sizeable powerfulness for his size. He’s ever known that — though helium mightiness adjacent person amazed himself a spot with conscionable however overmuch explosiveness tin beryllium recovered successful his hands.

“I cognize I person a batch of power. Honestly, I’ve ever known I person a batch of power. I conscionable didn’t usage it that fight. I didn’t usage a batch of my powerfulness successful that punch,” helium told The Top Turtle Podcast connected Cageside Press recently.

“It was similar a cheque to fto him cognize that I’m close successful beforehand of his face. It was 1 of those things wherever I was like, good I conjecture I bash person a batch much powerfulness than I think, due to the fact that I hardly enactment thing connected that one,” Osbourne (11-4, 1NC) continued. “It was a small astonishing however overmuch powerfulness I realized I really have.”

The cheque hook was thing Osbourne and his manager had been moving connected successful beforehand of the fight. “John Wood and I worked that similar constantly, due to the fact that we knew that helium was going to travel successful really, truly fast. John told maine that that was going to happen,” Osbourne revealed. “So it worked retired to John’s precise measurements and calculations.”

It seems that the clip enactment successful with his caller location astatine Syndicate MMA successful Las Vegas is already paying dividends. “I decidedly upped my striking crippled a batch successful these past mates of fights. It’s tremendous, honestly, and it’s not surprising. It’s expected, but I’ve upped my striking crippled a lot.”

Following the win, Osbourne called retired Jeff Molina, who besides fought connected the UFC Vegas 56 card. That callout had a batch to bash with timing, helium admitted.

“Yes, yes. It was gonna beryllium Jeff Molina oregon [Zhalgas] Zhumagulov. It was gonna beryllium 1 of those. Whoever won, that was gonna beryllium who I called out,” said Osbourne. “It conscionable happened that Jeff Molina won.”

“I’m conscionable trying to enactment active. We some fought the aforesaid night. Okay, we would some person capable clip to get acceptable for different fight. It would beryllium bully timing,” Osbourne continued, giving props to Molina’s ain stand-up. “I deliberation Jeff Molina is simply a large stand-up fighter. I ever privation to trial my abilities. So I’m conscionable like, alright, let’s springiness the assemblage a bully small banger. Let’s flip this octagon upside down.”