UFC: Sam Hughes Felt No Pressure Going Into Fight With Istela Nunes, Despite Fighting For Her Job

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Dallas, TX — You would deliberation aft losing her archetypal 3 fights successful the UFC, Sam Hughes would consciousness immoderate unit knowing that her occupation was connected the line. Nope. Not for the Washington turned Texas-based fighter.

“Actually, not astatine all. Like none, surprisingly. There should person been a batch of unit connected me— this is my past combat connected my contract, and this was fundamentally a make-or-break. It’s like, you either execute good and perchance motion different declaration oregon get 1 much combat oregon look similar sh*t similar you did successful your archetypal 3 fights and past get cut, and past you’re done,” Hughes (6-4) told Cageside Press successful an exclusive interview.

“So, determination should person been a batch of unit connected me, but Sayif [Saud] does an astonishing occupation of conscionable telling you, ‘hey, absorption connected what you tin control, travel the crippled plan, perceive to me, and you’re gonna beryllium fine.'”

That is precisely what Hughes did successful her combat against Istela Nunes. After losing the archetypal round, Hughes’ manager Sayif Saud did what helium does champion and got his combatant to travel back, usage her wrestling, and dominate.

Hughes would extremity up winning a bulk determination and picking up her archetypal UFC win.

The 29-year aged precocious moved her grooming campy to Fortis MMA successful Dallas, Texas, from Washington. In fact, the astir unit she felt was not to fto her caller squad down.

“To me, the biggest unit I enactment connected myself earlier this combat was I didn’t privation to fto the squad down due to the fact that I was the caller idiosyncratic coming into the gym with 3 losses. And everybody other you know, they clasp themselves to specified a precocious standard. All of these guys are champions, winners, and fu*king savages,” Hughes said.

“So, for maine to beryllium a portion of that squad and conscionable beryllium 1 of them, like, that’s what I wanted.

“And that’s the unit that I enactment connected myself and the modular that I wanted to clasp myself to. So if determination was immoderate pressure, that was the lone unit due to the fact that I wanted to marque these guys proud. To beryllium successful a country afloat of these guys, it means a batch to me. I respect each azygous 1 of them, and I privation to marque them proud. They’re my teammates. They’re my household now.”

On apical of making her teammates proud, she got to unopen up everyone that doubted her.

“Man, I cognize determination are truthful galore radical that wanted maine to lose, that are like, ‘she was ne'er gonna beryllium capable to bash it.’ But this is simply a squad that Sayif does not judge losing. He conscionable doesn’t. He holds you to a higher standard, and that works for me. And whenever he’s yelling astatine me, it works for me. I don’t cognize what it is astir his coaching style, but everything’s lining up truthful well. And I’m conscionable excited to similar make that coaching jock narration and support this rolling,” Hughes said.

Hughes wants to enactment progressive successful 2022, but first, she needs to motion a caller contract. Something that should beryllium coming successful the adjacent fewer weeks.

Watch the remainder of our interrogation with UFC strawweight Sam Hughes above.