UFC Vegas 53: Could We Be In For a Knock Down, Drag ‘Em Out War?

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It’s truly hard to ideate Rob Font vs. Chito Vera astatine UFC Vegas 53 being thing different than a sound down, resistance ’em retired war.

The benignant of some of these fighters promises an entertaining tilt. Any clip either Font oregon Vera are involved, you cognize the chances of the fans getting what they’ve travel to spot is precise high.

It’s unfortunate that Font missed value connected Friday. Although this combat didn’t needfully person rubric implications, each it takes is for 1 of these fighters to person a spectacular performance, and travel Sunday greeting fans are going to beryllium clamoring for them to beryllium adjacent successful enactment for the rubric shot. The flub astatine the scales complicates matters, to accidental the least.

Font ended up missing value by implicit 2 pounds, which isn’t a bully motion for the New England Carter member. Vera is the past combatant you privation to springiness an borderline to, particularly astatine this constituent successful his career. Both men are entering the combat highly motivated, but portion Font looks to rebound from a nonaccomplishment to a erstwhile champ successful Jose Aldo, Vera conscionable bushed 1 successful Frankie Edgar.

No substance who the victor is, its bound to beryllium a hellhole of a combat atop UFC Vegas 53 regardless.

For much connected Saturday’s UFC Vegas 53 main event, cheque retired the video above.