UFC Vegas 53: Jared Gordon’s Wife Predicted Charles Oliveira Would Be Champ

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Las Vegas, NV — Entering his 2nd consecutive UFC combat successful the value class, you tin present see Jared Gordon a lightweight.

Gordon (18-4) was forced to determination up aft missing value for his February 2021 featherweight combat with Danny Chavez. He enters UFC Vegas 53 connected a three-fight triumph streak, good alert of what a triumph against hostile Grant Dawson could mean.

Gordon, who says helium watches each combat careless of value class, was thrilled with the match-up. “I was happy, due to the fact that I was expected to combat [Rafael] Alves, who was 1-1. This is my 10th UFC fight, and nary 1 knows him and he’s dangerous. So it’s like, I was benignant of similar ‘uh alright, I conjecture I’ll person to instrumentality it.’ But there’s mode much reward erstwhile I bushed Grant. He’s 5-0-1, and I deliberation that it should get maine adjacent to the apical 15 aft I win.”

This is not Gordon’s archetypal spell successful the UFC’s 155 lb division. While helium moved backmost to featherweight aft the fact, his past nonaccomplishment came successful 2019 astatine 155 pounds, against aboriginal champ Charles Oliveira. It was really Gordon’s woman who recognized that Oliveira would immoderate time beryllium champion.

“He was a connected six-fight winning streak, I deliberation each finishes earlier me. So I knew helium was really, truly bully and helium besides had a boatload of acquisition earlier that,” recalled Gordon. “But erstwhile I lost, we were successful the edifice country and my woman was similar ‘he’s gonna beryllium the champion.’ And past we watched him, I deliberation helium fought Kevin Lee, and past helium fought [Tony] Ferguson, truthful connected and truthful on. And look wherever he’s at. That nonaccomplishment aged ace good for me.”

It’s not the champ, but Dawson that Jared Gordon is focused connected present — and connected securing his archetypal decorativeness since 2017. Since then, each 5 of his wins person gone the distance.

“I’m ever preparing to spell 3 rounds, yes, but I don’t privation to spell 3 rounds. I would similar to get successful and retired of there. It’s conscionable the mode the cooky has crumbled for me,” Gordon told Cageside Press, acknowledging his deficiency of finishes since his promotional debut. “But earlier that, I was finishing guys. And past the level of contention goes up. And determination was besides a constituent wherever I was a connected two-fight losing streak. And I was similar ‘alright I’ve conscionable got to triumph to support my job.’ I had to dainty it arsenic a concern for a small bit, alternatively of trying to dainty it arsenic an amusement spectacle for the fans and stuff. I needed to support my job.”

Back connected a three-fight wins streak however, Gordon added that “I’ve gained a batch of experience, and I’m acceptable to amusement out.”

Watch the afloat UFC Vegas 53 media time quality from Jared Gordon above. The lawsuit takes spot this Saturday, April 30, 2022 astatine the UFC Apex successful Las Vegas, Nevada. More sum tin beryllium recovered below.