UFC Vegas 53: Marlon Vera Wants Aldo Rematch, Guarantees Finish

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Las Vegas, NV – After 25 minutes of brutality successful the main lawsuit of UFC Vegas 53 bantamweight Marlon “Chito” Vera came distant victorious aft earning a unanimous determination implicit Rob Font.

Speaking to reporters successful his post-fight media scrub Vera described what turned retired to beryllium th biggest combat of his vocation today.

“I consciousness great. I consciousness bully successful there. I conscionable deliberation everything that I’ve worked for my full life, today, was similar a effect of that. I consciousness precise composed successful there. In that 4th and 5th circular I felt similar thing was adjacent happening. I picked him apart, I wounded him, and I was adjacent to putting him retired a mates times, but gotta beryllium astute successful there. Some radical get excessively brainsick erstwhile they wounded their hostile and past they state out. You’ve got to beryllium astute successful the agelong run,” Vera said.

“I tried, but I’m blessed with the performance. I’m blessed with what I did to him specially….he was talking a small sh*t that he’s benignant of excessively bully and excessively technical. Now helium see’s what’s up.”

Font missed value coming successful astatine 138.5, 2.5 pounds implicit the 136 allowance, yet Vera accepted the fight.

“It conscionable told maine however large the feline is for the division. Some 35ers should combat astatine 45, but seems similar they don’t person the balls to bash it. They cognize however to chopped weight, and they don’t person immoderate occupation astir it, but I bash judge large value cuts is conscionable arsenic adjacent arsenic cheating. I’m a feline that keeps my value astatine 52, 55, but it’s besides due to the fact that I’m grooming twelvemonth round. If you’re not accordant capable it volition drawback up to you 1 time and we showed that tonight,” Vera said.

It seemed arsenic though Font enactment unneurotic a bully archetypal circular wherever helium utilized his boxing to antagonistic Vera’s kick-heavy attack. It did not clasp for the full combat erstwhile Vera got into a rhythm.

“The archetypal circular I was trying to spot his velocity and everything. I didn’t privation to get excessively crazy. He was putting numbers together, but I deliberation I was catching and seeing everything. I felt assured successful there. I felt similar if I didn’t set aboriginal it was due to the fact that I was feeling confident. At the extremity of the time you’ve got to get ever better. Next combat astir apt I’m going to bash thing antithetic conscionable commencement a small faster. It’s a process. Every clip you get successful determination you larn the job,” said Vera.

Vera was capable to wounded Font aggregate times, but helium didn’t precisely swarm him to decorativeness the combat successful the mode we’ve seen others bash before.

Vera stunned Font with a vicious genu 👀 #UFCVegas53 pic.twitter.com/TFANDwJz0s

— ESPN MMA (@espnmma) May 1, 2022

“He was doing a bully occupation of going to the azygous erstwhile helium was hurt. I person acquisition successful determination truthful I didn’t privation to get excessively brainsick trying to decorativeness him. The mates elbows that were large to land….he’s going to person a headache tomorrow, and that shows successful his face. I conscionable picked him apart. I showed I tin wounded him, but I showed I tin beryllium composed too. That’s a small much unsafe than the feline that conscionable goes brainsick and decorativeness the guys. Sometimes you’re not capable to decorativeness the feline successful there. I showed contiguous that I tin beryllium calm and collected successful those situations,” Vera said.

With the biggest triumph of his vocation secured Vera looked guardant to what is next.

“I would emotion to combat Aldo again, and specially successful a five-rounder. Just due to the fact that helium declined a five-rounder past December. I would emotion to footwear his ass, and if we get to lucifer again I volition decorativeness him,” Vera said.

“I tin warrant you that.”

Watch the afloat UFC Vegas 53 post-fight media quality from Marlon “Chito” Vera above.