UFC Vegas 53: Natan Levy Still Carries Mindset From Early Training in Japan With Him

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Las Vegas, NV — Securing his archetypal triumph wrong the octagon astatine UFC Vegas 53 was Israel’s Natan Levy.

Lightweight Levy (6-1) went done a three-round warfare with Mike Breeden, winning a unanimous determination successful a combat that mightiness person been up determination for Fight of the Night connected a paper that didn’t diagnostic Marlon Vera vs. Rob Font.

Following the bout, Levy spoke to media outlets including Cageside Press backstage astatine the UFC Apex, touching connected the struggles helium went done starring into his UFC debut 1 combat prior.

“It’s truly been a intelligence conflict for me. There were a batch of times, I deliberation each fighter, you uncertainty yourself sometimes. You don’t cognize if you made the close [decision], atrocious decision. Even if you’re undefeated arsenic I was, determination were a batch of setbacks connected the road,” explained Levy. “Lot of velocity bumps, but nary roadworthy blocks. After losing, I did consciousness successful the past combat that I belonged, I fought a truly precocious level combatant successful Rafa [Garcia] that was 12-0 earlier helium got to the UFC, Combate champion, and I deliberation I gave him hell. But connected the different hand, I didn’t get that archetypal debut win, and that’s different happening successful your caput that haunts you sometimes.”

Comparatively, Levy felt helium had a bully show astatine UFC Vegas 53 connected Saturday, “as acold arsenic the 2 archetypal rounds go. Third round, I had to truly excavation deep. I got tired, possibly trying to decorativeness him excessively overmuch successful the archetypal and 2nd rounds. I wasn’t overzealous similar I was successful the Rafa fight, that’s a acquisition I learned, trying to propulsion bombs each the clip and amusement however almighty I am. I don’t request that to triumph a fight.”

The near hook was 1 onslaught that seemed to beryllium determination each nighttime for Levy; helium had really expected his jab to beryllium the punch that was determination for him.

“I bid I deliberation each method nether the sun. I thought that jab would onshore more, it happened to beryllium the two, but it was the consecutive two. Me and my coaches worked connected it a batch of course. The assemblage kick, the caput kick, I was looking to instrumentality much limb kicks. But sometimes you spot thing happen, and it doesn’t enactment retired that way.”

Levy, the lone Israeli combatant presently connected the UFC roster, trained successful Japan arsenic a teenager, and the mindset helium developed determination is thing helium inactive carries with him.

“Training successful Japan for me, for me, it’s similar who I am. I bring it, I bring the Dojo successful Japan to everyplace I go, successful America, successful Israel,” Levy explained. “It’s discipline, it’s thing else, possibly I don’t usage the moves anymore arsenic much, but the mindset is ever there. It’s who I am. The hardest clip I ever had successful my beingness was surviving successful Japan. I trained determination erstwhile I was 16, erstwhile I was 18, conscionable a kid. I didn’t adjacent person wealth to eat, grooming determination for months. That’s thing that made maine who I am.”

After the triumph against Breeden, Levy announced successful his post-fight interrogation with Michael Bisping that helium would auction disconnected his Fight Kit to enactment holocaust survivors. Levy expanded connected that aboriginal successful the night.

“This week was Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. If we would instrumentality six cardinal Jews who were murdered, and a batch much people, if you would instrumentality 1 infinitesimal of soundlessness for each Jew that was murdered we would person to beryllium soundless for 11 and a fractional years,” Levy told Cageside Press. “What they went done was horrible, immoderate of them survived it and are inactive present today, and immoderate we tin bash to enactment them, and bring attraction to it— determination are galore causes that are worthwhile, for maine this is the origin that I spot close now.” Levy knows that, arsenic clip goes on, survivors of the holocaust volition not beryllium present forever. “There are a batch of different causes that are important, but holocaust survivors are precise old— they’re not going to beryllium present everlastingly to archer their story, and to retrieve those who are not here.”

Watch the afloat UFC Vegas 53 post-fight media quality from Natan Levy above.