UFC Vegas 53’s Grant Dawson: Gordon is an “A+ Fighter”, Not Overlooking Him

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Las Vegas, NV – Back successful the octagon aft a bizarre effect to his past bout UFC lightweight Grant Dawson looks to permission nary uncertainty astatine UFC Vegas 53 against Jared Gordon connected Saturday night.

Speaking to reporters connected Wednesday astatine the UFC APEX Dawson talked astir the lessons learned successful his past fight, and what helium looks to amusement against Gordon.

“I deliberation that it (the past fight) showed that I person holes successful my crippled that I needed to fix. I decidedly deliberation the alteration up successful camps and I deliberation moving to Florida has truly done that. I’m ace excited astir this combat due to the fact that I get to amusement the improvements that I made. I was fortunate capable to larn these lessons without taking an authoritative loss. I dominated the archetypal 2 rounds, helium dominated the 3rd round. It’s the archetypal clip I ever mislaid a circular successful my career,” Dawson said.

“I deliberation there’s a batch of lessons to beryllium learned from it, I deliberation I’ve learned those lessons, I deliberation I’ve made the changes I needed to marque without suffering a loss.”

Dawson fought against Ricky Glenn successful Oct 2021 wherever helium seemed to seashore done the archetypal 2 rounds of the fight. In the 3rd Glenn was capable to equine a beauteous ascendant show and the judges saw it acceptable to regularisation the bout a bulk draw.

“It’s hard. I americium my biggest professional and I cognize each azygous combatant known to antheral says that, but I truly am. I’ve ne'er had a show that I’ve walked distant from and said ‘Ok, I’m bully with that one.’ I’m ever critiquing myself and I’m ever trying to get better. Whether it’s really successful the fight, if it’s earlier the fight, if it’s during camp, there’s ever thing that I’m trying to instrumentality distant and get amended at. I deliberation that’s what satellite champions do,” Dawson said.

This Saturday nighttime helium looks to amusement those improvements against Jared Gordon who comes successful riding a three-fight triumph streak and has a wont being progressive successful grind-out fights.

“He’s precise good. I deliberation he’s the astir well-rounded combatant that I’ve fought. He’s got precise bully cardio, he’s got precise bully striking, precise bully wrestling and helium gets up truly really well. He is an A+ fighter. My lone sound connected him would astir apt beryllium that helium doesn’t person a full batch of finishes successful the UFC. If you’re going to comparison america adjacent to each different I would accidental that’s the notch I person connected him. I person much finishes, I’ve gotten much radical retired of determination than him,” Dawson said.

“I americium decidedly going into this combat knowing however pugnacious of an hostile helium is, knowing however overmuch accomplishment and endowment helium brings to the table. Not overlooking him astatine all. I cognize however pugnacious helium is. Nobody other matters but Jared.”