UFC Vegas 53’s Joanderson Brito: “Keep Your Eyes On Me”

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Las Vegas, NV – After a palmy nighttime astatine Dana White’s Contender Series successful Aug. 21 UFC featherweight Joanderson Brito made his authoritative debut successful January lone to suffer via decision. Brito present returns astatine UFC Vegas 53 to effort his luck erstwhile again this clip against pugnacious seasoned Andre Fili.

Speaking to reporters connected Wednesday Brito spoke connected his UFC debut and what helium hopes to bash this Saturday nighttime successful Las Vegas.

“As you guys cognize that was not the debut that I was planning. I’m ever looking for knockouts and submissions I was not capable to bash it, but for this combat 100% assured I’m going to beryllium better. I’m mode much prepared for this fight,” Brito said done a translator.

With lone 3 months since his UFC debut the speedy turnaround was important for Brito to get his vocation going successful the close direction.

“Absolutely. I emotion my job. To beryllium honorable I’m acceptable to combat each azygous period if it’s possible. I don’t attraction if it’s 2 oregon 3 months I’m ever acceptable to fight, and that’s it,” Brito said.

He faces Fili (21-8-1) who has taken connected immoderate of the biggest names successful the featherweight division.

“He’s an astonishing fighter. Even earlier I did commencement warring I utilized to travel him. So I cognize he’s a great, but present it’s my time. I’m young and I’m acceptable to enactment the amusement that I privation to do. He has a large sanction and for maine I similar that. Like I utilized to accidental erstwhile you get successful the UFC you’ve got to beryllium acceptable for everything it doesn’t matter,” said Brito.

“You’ve got to beryllium acceptable to combat anybody they inquire you to truthful I’m present for that.”

Both Brito and Fili are known to person breathtaking fights that extremity successful finishes and the erstwhile is coming into Saturday nighttime looking to enactment connected different occurrence fight.

“If you cheque my grounds you’re going to spot that astir of my fights are knockouts oregon submissions. I don’t similar a batch of fights to spell to the judges hands truthful that’s decidedly my plan,” Brito said.

“I person a batch of happening to bash successful the UFC. Keep your eyes connected me.”