UFC Vegas 53’s Tristan Connelly Even More Jazzed for Elkins Fight After Amirkhani Bout Fell Through

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Tristan Connelly UFC Vegas 53Tristan Connelly, UFC Vegas 53 weigh-in Credit: Dave Noseworthy/Cageside Press

“Ready to marque each this clip disconnected worthy it,” is however Tristan Connelly enactment his instrumentality to enactment this Saturday astatine UFC Vegas 53.

As a effect of a car mishap successful 2019, Connelly (14-7) has been connected the support for months, his 2nd layoff arsenic a effect of a lingering cervix injury. He’s endured a brace of cervix surgeries successful caller years; it’s been truthful long, helium hardly remembers however helium felt anterior to the crash, helium told The Top Turtle Podcast connected Cageside Press recently.

It was months disconnected from training, successful immoderate case. “For months, nothing. They don’t [let you] assistance much than 10 pounds. So that’s beauteous overmuch impossible. But aft a month, you tin beauteous overmuch commencement doing thing non-contact, conscionable don’t commencement astatine 100%.”

That meant running, lifting weights, and dilatory upping the strength arsenic the months went by. But acknowledgment to the 2nd surgery, an anticipated match-up with featherweight Makwan Amirkhani fell through.

“I was devastated, man. I was truthful excited to combat Makwan. As soon arsenic I heard the name, I was similar ‘give maine the declaration close now, let’s go.’ I was un-f*cking-believably stoked. Then to person it travel connected again for the aforesaid reasons that I’ve had successful the past, it was devastating, it was heart-breaking,” Connelly recalled. “The lone pros were, I knew what the process going guardant was, due to the fact that I’d already had the surgery, and I fought aft having the archetypal surgery.”

You mightiness adjacent see Connelly a spot of a Terminator these days. “I’ve got 2 titanium discs successful my neck, and I’m bully to go.”

There was a agleam broadside to the concern astatine least. Connelly went from 1 large sanction successful Amirkhani to different successful Darren Elkins. He’s adjacent much amped for this latest match-up.

“Even more, adjacent more,” Connelly replied erstwhile asked if helium was arsenic jazzed to combat Elkins arsenic helium had been for the Makwan fight. “There’s going to beryllium truthful galore eyes. Everyone knows who Darren Elkins is. Even if they don’t, arsenic soon arsenic you commencement explaining him, they’re similar ‘oh yea yeah I cognize that guy.’ And the mode I fight, the mode we fight, I deliberation it’s an awesome match-up stylistically, and the fans are going to emotion the fight.”

Tristan Connelly faces Darren Elkins astatine UFC Vegas 53 this Saturday, April 30, 2022 astatine the UFC Apex successful Las Vegas, Nevada. Check retired the afloat interrogation with Connelly connected The Top Turtle Podcast below.