UFC Vegas 53: Shanna Young Had Come to Dread Walking Into the Cage Prior to Syndicate MMA Move

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Las Vegas, NV — Ahead of UFC Vegas 53, Shanna Young knew changes had to beryllium made.

Mired successful a slump, having won conscionable 1 of her past 4 fights dating backmost to her 2019 quality connected Dana White’s Contender Series, Young (8-4) had travel to dread walking into the cage.

“I had gotten to the constituent where, I’m definite a batch of radical get to that point, you consciousness nerves and dread erstwhile you locomotion successful the cage,” she told media outlets including Cageside Press pursuing her TKO triumph against Gina Mazany astatine UFC Vegas 53 connected Saturday. “It’s astir similar you don’t privation to beryllium determination anymore, and I got to that point.”

Ahead of the match-up with Mazany, which saw her equine the Glory MMA combatant from the backmost and rainfall down crushed n’ lb to unafraid the finish, Young made a cardinal change, heading to Syndicate MMA successful Las Vegas to get the enactment in.

The result, “It was a wholly antithetic feeling, wholly antithetic vibes this time,” she stated. “I felt truthful bully from the start, I knew it was going to beryllium different.”

Expanding connected her struggles anterior to Saturday night, Young explained that “I deliberation for maine it was a assurance thing. I had immoderate truly large fights that I had lost, and mislaid back-to-back. I knew I needed to bash thing different. I needed to marque immoderate changes successful the mode that I was training, and the things that I was doing starring into it. I deliberation coming retired to Syndicate [in Las Vegas] and grooming with these guys retired present was the happening that I needed to bash to alteration my full mindset.”

Now, she hopes to enactment connected with the squad afloat time. “I’m moving connected getting retired present arsenic soon arsenic I can.”

By the clip the combat went to the mat successful the 2nd circular connected Saturday, Mazany appeared to person small left. The presumption was 1 Young had prepared for.

“That’s conscionable benignant of what we trained for. I didn’t privation to extremity up connected the bottommost erstwhile she went for the takedown. I conscionable knew, springiness it each to extremity up connected top. And erstwhile I did and settled in, settled my hips in, that’s what we had trained beauteous overmuch the full campy to do,” said Young. “To conscionable get connected apical and settee down and not been connected chaotic connected apical arsenic I person been successful the past.”

Watch the afloat UFC Vegas 53 post-fight media quality with Shanna Young above.