UFC Vegas 53: Tristan Connelly Discusses the Road Back After Multiple Neck Surgeries

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Las Vegas, NV — Tristan Connelly yet enters his 3rd UFC combat this Saturday astatine UFC Vegas 53, 2 and a fractional years aft debuting with the promotion.

The hold has been the effect of aggregate cervix surgeries, the effect of a car mishap that near the Canadian featherweight with lingering issues.

Now, he’s successful a “dream travel true” benignant of match-up with Darren Elkins, and helium sees a Fight of the Night bonus arsenic a existent possibility. When it comes to that paycheck, “I’m not cashing it, but I americium penning it,” Connelly (14-7) told media outlets including Cageside Press during this week’s media time promoting UFC Vegas 53.

The surgeries, caput you, had Connelly down successful the dumps for a bit. “Going done a 2nd cervix surgery, aforesaid one— not for the aforesaid spot, but different level successful my neck, it deed maine hard. I was super-motivated, super-positive for the archetypal one, came backmost and my cervix felt beauteous good. From determination I was excited to get going, and the 2nd 1 deed me.”

Connelly knew close distant that he’d request different surgery. “I could archer determination was nary recovery, due to the fact that I tried to retrieve from the archetypal one, and it conscionable got worse. That was a acheronian mates months there, erstwhile I archetypal had country and the archetypal mates months, but arsenic soon arsenic I was capable to commencement grooming again— 1 happening is that, I’ve truly ne'er had galore setbacks successful my vocation arsenic acold arsenic injury-wise that person kept maine from training,” helium explained. “I emotion training, it’s each I privation to bash each day. Rest days are 1 of the hardest things for me. I truly wanted to marque definite I was 100% coming back, and it’s ever a question successful your mind, ‘am I going to beryllium capable to bash this again?’ But you cognize what, I had religion successful the process, and arsenic soon arsenic I started grooming again, everything started getting better, truthful overmuch quicker.”

Heading into this Saturday successful Las Vegas, Connelly sounds elated some to beryllium back, and to person the match-up with seasoned Elkins.

“I’ve been truthful blessed and thankful each camp, conscionable to beryllium capable to beryllium present doing what I’m doing, and getting to combat a feline that is simply a fable of the sport, that I’ve looked up to,” helium said. “That I’m a instrumentality of. Most of the clip erstwhile Darren’s fighting, I’m rooting for Darren. It’s not going to beryllium this weekend, but I privation him the best, due to the fact that he’s an animal, man. He’s done things that I would imagination to do.”

Watch the afloat UFC Vegas 53 media time quality from Tristan Connelly above. The lawsuit takes spot this Saturday, April 30, 2022 astatine the UFC Apex successful Las Vegas, Nevada. More sum tin beryllium recovered below.