UFC Vegas 54: Andrea Lee Talks Navigating Motherhood As A Public Figure As She Enters “Toughest Fight Yet”

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Andrea Lee is entering what she considers her “toughest combat yet” successful a precise bully place.

The flyweight, affectionately known arsenic “KGB,” has won 2 straight. A 3rd consecutive win, against Viviane Araujo, could onshore the #9 ranked combatant connected the cusp of the apical five.

Along the way, she’s had plentifulness of help, including from spouse and chap UFC combatant Tony Kelley, who evidently knows her amended than conscionable astir anyone. As to Kelley’s relation successful her corner, that’s a small harder to pin down.

“I conjecture you would accidental caput coach. It’s not a relation that helium truly wanted to have, due to the fact that he’s besides a fighter,” Lee (13-5) told Cageside Press recently. “So he’s ne'er truly been trying to beryllium a coach, but helium wants to assistance me. So helium doesn’t caput helping and coaching maine and giving maine immoderate of the techniques and worldly that helium does. I conjecture he’s benignant of embracing it, but astatine the aforesaid clip he’s inactive a combatant too, and helium needs coaching himself.”

Lee is getting backmost to enactment a small aboriginal than she had hoped, oregon astatine slightest not needfully wherever she had hoped. That was a day successful Texas, but she missed retired connected the UFC 271 paper successful Houston backmost successful February — and, arsenic it turns out, was booked good up of the recently announced UFC Austin event.

“KGB” did petition to get connected the Houston show, to nary avail. “Since the paper was filled, I conscionable had to hold until Mick Maynard [UFC matchmaker] had thing available. And they did, they offered maine a combat successful Brazil against Viviane arsenic well, but I didn’t privation to spell to Brazil,” Lee revealed. “I was like, it’s not the fight, I don’t privation to crook her down, but I don’t privation to spell to Brazil, due to the fact that I’m not getting vaccinated, and I don’t privation to woody with each the flights and stuff.”

As it turned out, the UFC opted to support the match-up together, and moved it to the U.S. (as it stands, the promotion has yet to denote their instrumentality to Brazil, contempt rumors earlier successful the year).

In the meantime, Lee has been engaged training, and pulling ma duty. Her daughter, who has grown up astir the combat game, precocious took discourtesy to an interrogation she recovered online featuring ma Andrea saying her girl didn’t spot warring arsenic a sport. It seems, said Lee, that her girl has changed her reasoning arsenic she’s gotten older. Still, her time occupation seems cooler to her daughter’s friends than to her girl herself.

“It’s conscionable thing that she’s ever been around, truthful I dunno, mom’s a UFC fighter, I conjecture it’s chill to accidental but I don’t deliberation it truly meant anything,” Lee told us. “But to her friends, it’s truly cool. And I conjecture her friends, erstwhile she sees their reactions, it means much to her. She confuses maine sometimes, she’s backmost and forth!”

Welcome to parenthood. But navigating her kid done the online satellite and navigating motherhood play is particularly treacherous for a nationalist fig who went done a precise superior nationalist breakup with her ex a fewer years back. Lee knows that each the details are retired there, including immoderate that aren’t based successful fact.

“That’s a truly bully question. I don’t know, it’s tough. It’s truly hard. There’s a batch of things that are connected the net that aren’t needfully true, too. If it came from my mouth, it’s true. But it’s like, don’t judge everything other that you hear,” she said of the incident, and the maelstrom of headlines and media sum it generated. “If you spot thing that’s connected the internet, typically it’s conscionable to merchantability the story. There’s headlines that are retired determination that are similar ‘Andrea KGB Lee was burned by her husband.’ That didn’t happen, but that was a caption to gully radical in, to get them to work their story. But if you didn’t perceive it from maine and it’s not a punctuation from me, past don’t judge it otherwise.”

Lee is intelligibly successful a overmuch amended spot these days, putting some her idiosyncratic issues and a three-fight skid down her. Getting past the losing streak forced her to bash “a batch of reflecting,” she admitted. In essence, she had to find herself again. “I deliberation with these past 2 fights, I was capable to bash that.”

Mentally, Lee said, “I’m a batch better, I’m successful a batch amended place.” Changing up her grooming has helped arsenic well. “Making it amusive again I deliberation was a large happening for me.”

“I consciousness similar present I’m getting better. I consciousness similar I’m growing, I’m learning things each day, and I’m adding caller tools to the things that I’m already bully at. And it’s like, I tin conscionable spot myself becoming a amended fighter, a amended jock overall. And I just, I’m happier. And I deliberation that truly helps a lot.”

After losing for the archetypal clip successful the UFC, uncertainty began to creep in, KGB Lee admitted. “I mislaid my combat against Joanne Calderwood, and past that’s benignant of wherever the uncertainty started to creep in. And past I mislaid my 2nd fight, and past it’s similar ‘crap!’ I truly enactment myself retired determination successful that fight, and felt similar I near it each successful the cage, and I inactive mislaid that fight. And past my 3rd combat came along. It’s conscionable casual to proceed to uncertainty yourself, and that effect volition proceed to grow, and you’ve got to bash thing earlier it wholly takes over. And I consciousness similar I did that, and I consciousness similar the radical astir maine person helped tremendously.”

Watch our afloat interrogation with UFC Vegas 54’s Andrea Lee above. “KGB” Lee faces Viviane Araujo connected Saturday, May 14, 2022 astatine the UFC Apex successful Las Vegas.