UFC Vegas 54: Davey Grant Describes What It’s Like Having Sons Who Fight

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Davey Grant, UFC Vegas 54Davey Grant, UFC Vegas 54 weigh-in Credit: Alex Behunin/Cageside Press

2021 was a invited instrumentality to enactment for Davey Grant.

Grant (13-6) has gone done extended layoffs aggregate times during his UFC run, which began backmost successful 2013. But past year, helium managed to combat 3 times— and portion they didn’t ever spell his way, the British combatant was blessed to enactment busy.

“It was large to get the fights in, and it’s astir time. Like you say, my career’s been truthful sporadic, I’ve struggled a batch with injuries and the timing’s conscionable been a spot wrong,” Grant told The Top Turtle Podcast connected Cageside Press recently. “And particularly erstwhile the full world’s going done a pandemic, and I’m getting jetted disconnected the Vegas and what person you, it was fantastic.”

Going 1-2 connected the year, Grant managed to prime up 3 post-fight bonuses. That extended his bonus streak to 4 consecutive fights, and triumph oregon lose, he’s enjoying himself. “I conscionable effort and conscionable instrumentality each acquisition and conscionable bask it. Whether I triumph oregon I lose, astatine slightest I’m fighting, astatine slightest I’m doing what I love. And I’m conscionable going to effort my champion to get backmost successful the triumph file for the adjacent one. But it was conscionable large to beryllium active; this is what I’ve ever wanted, I’ve ever wanted 3 oregon 4 fights a twelvemonth astatine the apical level. And hopefully we tin support it going.”

Speaking of keeping it going, Grant’s sons are carrying connected successful the household business. His eldest has begun competing successful MMA, putting the UFC bantamweight successful an absorbing spot.

“Both of my sons fight. The youngest one, he’s lone had Thai boxing fights. The oldest one, he’s had Thai boxing and MMA fights,” Grant explained.

His kids are “a spot disconnected the aged block,” helium continued. But watching them vie isn’t ever easy. “It’s a brainsick dynamic. Obviously successful 1 sense, you don’t privation them to spell successful determination and get hurt. You conscionable privation to drawback them and cuddle them. And past there’s the coach. I’ve got to beryllium like, telling them to enactment calm and fto them cognize what they’ve got to do.”

Being a manager means keeping the crippled look on. “He can’t spot me, helium can’t spot my being a tense wreck. That’s not going to assistance him! How tin I expect to spell enactment these guys successful a combat if I’m an implicit tense wreck? So connected the outside, I’m astir apt chill arsenic a cucumber, but connected the inside, my tummy is doing implicit backmost flips.”

Grant returns astatine UFC Vegas 54 connected Saturday, May 14, 2022, wherever helium takes connected Louis Smolka.