UFC Vegas 54’s Andre Petroski Asked for Maximov Fight: “Everything He Does, I’m Like ‘I’m Better Than This Kid'”

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Andre Petroski, UFC Vegas 54Andre Petroski, UFC Vegas 54 weigh-in Credit: Alex Behunin/Cageside Press

UFC Vegas 54 middleweight Andre Petroski is getting precisely the combat helium asked for this weekend.

The TUF 29 alum, who told The Top Turtle Podcast connected Cageside Press that helium had a large acquisition connected the show, contempt immoderate unfinished concern with Bryan Battle, called for a bout with Nick Maximov. And got it.

“I asked for Nick Maximov. I had watched him fight, I really watched each of his fights. I watched him connected the Contender Series conscionable benignant of randomly, and past I watched him combat [Cody] Brundage due to the fact that I had trained with Brundage before,” Petroski revealed. “Just benignant of keeping my oculus connected the part and the different guys, up-and-coming guys. And past I watched him combat [Punahele] Soriano, and I was similar ‘I tin bushed this kid.’ Everything helium does, I’m similar ‘I’m amended than this kid.’ So I asked for the fight, and they accepted.”

Part of the situation for Petroski is proving he’s the champion wrestler, and grappler period, among the UFC’s middleweight ranks. “I’ve ever wanted to beryllium that I’m the champion wrestler successful this division. And truly much than conscionable wrestler, but grappler each around. And erstwhile I spot him having occurrence successful the grappling, I spot it arsenic a challenge, and it excites me.”

Petroski enters the combat arsenic an underdog, contempt starting his UFC tally 2-0 and finishing each his fights arsenic a pro. The likelihood caught him disconnected guard.

“Yeah, it was decidedly a small spot astonishing to me. But it puts maine successful a large presumption to beryllium honest,” Petroski stated. “Being the underdog’s like, look, each the pressure’s connected him now. And each I’ve got to bash is spell retired and beryllium what I already know.”

As for his finishing streak, helium expects different 1 astatine UFC Vegas 54. “My fights person ne'er gone the distance, truthful if history’s bound to repetition itself, you’re surely apt to spot a decorativeness here.”

Andre Petroski faces Nick Maximov astatine UFC Vegas 54 this Saturday, May 14, 2022 astatine the Apex successful Las Vegas, Nevada.