UFC Vegas 55: Vince Morales Details Disappointing London Trip That Ended With Him Getting Engaged

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It was a precise disappointing travel to London for Vince Morales successful March, but it ended with a life-changing event.

Morales was scheduled to measurement successful connected abbreviated announcement to look Nathaniel Wood successful the UFC’s instrumentality to London connected March 19. Unfortunately, the combat ne'er occurred due to the fact that Morales had to propulsion retired a fewer days earlier the fight. He was not cleared owed to illness.

In an exclusive interrogation with Cageside Press, Morales explained what happened.

“I don’t cognize if determination was thing connected the formation oregon if it was the value chopped due to the fact that I had already started dropping weight. I don’t cognize what it was. As soon arsenic I got there, I noticed everything was truly cold. I had conscionable got disconnected the level and was like, ‘England’s cold, this is f*cking terrible,” Morales said. “So anyway, we get to the hotel, and I check-in and everything. The formation was agelong and terrible, the checking-in process took forever, and I benignant of poker-faced done each my media stuff; erstwhile I got backmost from my room, I was inactive freezing, and I was wearing a large wintertime coat. I didn’t cognize what was going on… So I took a blistery ablution to lukewarm up and took a blistery bath; I couldn’t lukewarm up. And past aft astir an hour, I got out, and I was inactive cold, and past my assemblage started feeling truly weak. And I was like, I deliberation I’m getting sick.”

Morales was beside himself. “Like, are you shitting me? I was like, whatever. I benignant of conscionable toughed it retired that day. And I went and had PT the adjacent morning, and Heather with the UFC PI was there, and she saw maine she’s like, ‘you, alright?’ and I was like, ‘I’m alright, I’m alright.’ Then she took my temperature, it was 101 oregon thing and past gave maine immoderate fever reducer. She’s like, ‘I gotta fto the doc cognize wherever you’re astatine close present due to the fact that we’re not expected to fto you chopped value similar this.’ Basically, it’s benignant of a large woody to chopped weight. And past I was like, well, let’s springiness it a day. We’ll see.”

“I gave John [Wood] a heads up, I gave my manager heads up. And past the adjacent day, I woke up and felt adjacent worse. I woke up, and my sheets were soaked due to the fact that I was sweating each night. It was a truly bizarre. I don’t know, it was the archetypal clip thing similar that happened. And past then, of course, they had their checks connected me, and definite enough, the somesthesia is precisely the same. And Heather was like, ‘yeah, I gotta fto the doc know.’ So the doc called maine and said, ‘yeah, we can’t let you to combat aft this.'”

That was that. Morales was retired of his combat with Woods. “Vandetta” was beyond bummed and heartbroken. He couldn’t adjacent alert location due to the fact that helium wasn’t allowed to.

“F*ck, truthful I conscionable sat astir the edifice country for six days waiting to get cleared to adjacent travel home. They wouldn’t fto maine get a flight. They took similar 3 COVID tests due to the fact that that was benignant of what they thought it was astatine first, and those each came backmost negative. So I was bully there, but man, I had affirmative COVID tests before, and this was mode worse. Whatever I got implicit determination was mode worse. It kicked my ass, and my value hasn’t adjacent travel backmost from that. I’ve been hanging astir nether 150 since I got back,” Morales said.

The 1 affirmative that came retired of the travel to London was that Morales projected to his girlfriend. She grew up successful England, truthful it was was a large woody for him.

“See her look airy up and everything. It was thing I benignant of didn’t deliberation I would ever do, particularly that way. It was a benignant of cool, peculiar infinitesimal that I’m benignant of arrogant of.”

Vince Morales returns to enactment against Jonathan Martinez astatine UFC Vegas 55. Watch the remainder of our interrogation with Morales above.