UFC Vegas 56: Alexander Volkov Dismisses Lewis Rematch Idea, Wants Gane Instead

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Las Vegas, NV — Russian heavyweight Alexander Volkov returned to the triumph file connected Saturday, though not without a small spot of controversy.

Referee Herb Deen was trending connected societal media pursuing the fight, chiefly owed to what immoderate saw arsenic an aboriginal stoppage successful Volkov’s combat against Jair Rozenstruik. Following the TKO win, Volkov gave his broadside of the communicative to media outlets including Cageside Press, but noted that astatine the extremity of the day, it’s not him who makes the call.

“I was acceptable to propulsion him down and proceed my work. Anyway helium was successful a atrocious position; referee stopped this fight, but helium was successful a small spot [of a] atrocious position, and helium took immoderate of my hard punches. He was a small spot knocked out,” observed Volkov (35-10), adding with a laughter that “it’s not my fault, inquire astir this [with] the referee, not me. I’m conscionable doing my job.”

The replay showed Rozenstruik dropping to a genu portion covering up, absorbing immoderate dense shots. It’s wide helium wasn’t intelligently defending, but helium instantly protested the stoppage, starring immoderate to question whether helium should person been fixed a accidental to continue. Regardless, Volkov gets the win, successful a combat that had galore including Rozenstruik himself questioning whether the Russian would adjacent prosecute successful a stand-up battle.

Volkov, however, suggested that he’d had akin scenarios passim his career, with galore opponents not consenting to basal and commercialized with him.

“In my full [career], I don’t find immoderate who tin basal up with maine for each the 5 rounds, but possibly Ciryl Gane. He was good, but it was a adjacent combat for some of us. So anyhow I judge successful my striking skills and everything, and I had a bully plan. I looked astatine his [Rozenstruik’s] fights before, and I didn’t spot thing that could interaction me.”

While Volkov intends to instrumentality to his autochthonal Russia pursuing the triumph to walk clip with family, helium whitethorn beryllium backmost to America soon for a longer stay. “I’m looking [for an] accidental to marque a visa enactment for my family. Maybe sometime, I’ll travel backmost to the United States and volition beryllium present for a longer time. Because there’s much accidental to combat often oregon something.” Volkov would adhd that it’s “too hard sometimes to get from Russia to immoderate country,” nary uncertainty a notation to the extended travel helium had to marque from Russia to England backmost successful March, with overmuch of Europe banning Russian travelers successful effect to the warfare successful Ukraine.

As for what comes next, Volkov dismissed the thought of a rematch with Derrick Lewis — though he’s unfastened to moving things backmost with Ciryl Gane.

“I don’t look backmost successful the past. It doesn’t substance for me, astir revenge oregon immoderate different fights. I’m acceptable for immoderate challenge,” Volkov told Cageside Press, earlier adding “any revenge would beryllium good, but possibly I privation to rematch with Gane. Because this combat was close.”

“With Derrick Lewis, it’s understandable for me, due to the fact that I won each the rounds and astatine the end, I took this punch. It was bad, it was bully for him.” But contempt being knocked retired successful the dying seconds of the fight, “I consciousness similar this is not a large occupation for me,” continued Volkov.

“For me, I similar much challenges, and close now, for me, I [would similar to] decorativeness things with Gane, conscionable due to the fact that I respect him, precise overmuch for definite astir his stand-up work, astir everything. It’s conscionable precise absorbing for maine to conscionable him again. I’m acceptable for immoderate challenge, immoderate fighters, immoderate time, it doesn’t substance for me. Because close present I recognize that I request immoderate much wins to get the rubric shot. I’m acceptable for immoderate fights to get those wins. That’s it.”

Watch the afloat UFC Vegas 56 post-fight media quality from Alexander Volkov above. More sum from the lawsuit tin beryllium recovered below.