UFC Vegas 56: Alonzo Menifield Says Opponent Made Him Turn Gangster

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Las Vegas, NV — You cognize erstwhile Bruce Banner says you don’t privation to marque him angry? Well, erstwhile it comes to UFC airy heavyweight Alonzo Menifield, you don’t privation to marque him crook gangster.

It was a unusual combat week for Menifeld. On apical of cutting value and mentally preparing for a fight, his hostile Askar Mozharov’s grounds changed close earlier his eyes. Several times. Mozharov started this week with a 25-7 record, and implicit a fewer days, his grounds changed to 21-11, past 19-12. It was 19-13 astatine the extremity of UFC Vegas 56, arsenic Menifield finished him with a volley of nasty elbows.

Menifield didn’t bask the process of uncovering retired that his opponent’s grounds kept changing.

“[It kept] fluctuating similar a damn banal market,” Menifield told Cageside Press. “When it got to the constituent erstwhile I talked to you each yesterday, I noticed it was 3 times. Man, this is this guy’s a weirdo. He’s a chump. I mean, I had each kinds of atrocious thoughts for him. You know, successful this game, you got to enactment respect connected it. These fighters we meet, we fight, we enactment our lives connected the line. This is simply a choice. And this is what we choose. So I don’t cognize if he’s playing games oregon making this similar it’s immoderate benignant of showcase for media, whatever. But similar erstwhile you travel successful to combat successful the octagon, it’s serious.”

Mozharov made Menifield’s interior gangster travel retired during the combat due to the fact that helium was talking to him.

“When I was warring this guy, successful the fight, helium started talking. ‘I don’t consciousness that; that’s soft; what is this.’ And past helium started talking to maine successful a mode wherever helium was disrespectful,” Menifield said. “So you know, the gangster came retired — aged school, you know? And I was like, ‘something, something, b*tch,’ and past close past and there, I was like, ‘okay, Alonzo, he’s trying to propulsion you disconnected his grappling thing.’ So I was like, you cognize what, I’m going to grapple. I’m going to wrestle him more. And, yeah, that’s benignant of wherefore I was all, you know, crazy.”

Menifield continued, adding “I mean, honestly, I told myself, helium thinks you’re a monkey. Seriously. I know, it’s benignant of crazy, but he’s from Ukraine, and maine knowing what I know, it’s a mindset. So I was like, you cognize what, I’m gonna instrumentality to this wrestling, this grappling, and I’m gonna amusement him. Not lone americium I almighty and tough, and I tin deed hard, but I’m intelligent. And that’s what I showed him.”

And that helium did. Menifield brutalized him with elbows from the crucifix position. With the win, he’s present hoping to get connected the UFC 277 paper successful Dallas if anyone falls off.

Watch the remainder of Alonzo Menifield’s UFC Vegas 56 post-fight property scrum above. More sum tin beryllium recovered below.