UFC Vegas 56: Benoit Saint-Denis Opens Up On UFC Debut, Hopes For Spot On UFC London

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Las Vegas, NV — Benoit Saint-Denis is hoping for a speedy turnaround, and a day successful London aft a beardown show connected Saturday night.

Saint-Denis (9-1, 1NC) picked up his archetypal UFC triumph astatine UFC Vegas 56, submitting Niklas Stolze successful the 2nd round.

The past clip the French combatant was successful action, helium was connected the different broadside of an implicit one-sided bushed down astatine the hands of Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos astatine UFC 267. There was a batch of disapproval astir the referee letting it spell connected excessively long, arsenic good arsenic his country not throwing successful the towel.

During his UFC Vegas 56 post-fight interview, helium opened up astir it.

“You know, I ever effort to win. So, ever the referee asked maine to bash stuff, and I did stuff. I’m a fighter, and I’m not gonna break. If he’s not knocking maine retired acold oregon if he’s not making slumber oregon breaking my arm, he’s not gonna get maine due to the fact that it’s my job,” Saint-Denis told Cageside Press. “In training, you person to beryllium a scholar. It has to beryllium a bully ambiance successful the grooming room. You person to get submitted to taxable guys, taking hits, hitting guys, it’s fun.”

“But fighting, it’s fighting, man. We are fighters, and we don’t combat each day. It’s our job. And our occupation is to bash everything we tin to springiness the radical a bully show. To beryllium respected and to person respect for ourselves. [During my UFC debut], I’m ever gonna enactment my creation successful a fight, and I don’t privation the combat to beryllium stopped. I cognize I person the quality to sound retired oregon taxable anybody. Like astatine the extremity of the 2nd round- I deed him with a bully hook, and the combat was getting a spot much person again. Yes, I did get f*cked up for 2 minutes. But past it went backmost to normal. It’s fighting, man.”

Saint-Benoit’s UFC debut showed however pugnacious helium is, and helium showed it again astatine UFC Vegas 56 erstwhile helium ate a genu successful the archetypal round.

The UFC is going to Paris, France, successful September, and portion that would marque implicit consciousness for Saint-Benoit to instrumentality then, helium is hoping to get a spot connected adjacent month’s UFC London card. That’s due to the fact that helium is getting joined astir the clip of the UFC Paris card.

“Two places I privation to spell are London and Paris. But due to the fact that I’m getting joined precise adjacent to the day of Paris, I would emotion to spell to London and to combat successful London due to the fact that I deliberation the champion ambiance successful each of Europe is London,” Saint-Benoit said. “London is the best, is the spot to be. You know, we person seen that with the past London card, it was conscionable f*cking crazy…. Because of my marriage, I volition emotion to bash the London card. If it has to beryllium Paris, it volition beryllium Paris. I volition spot however I tin negociate the 2 worldly together, but I volition emotion London.”

Watch the remainder of Benoit Saint-Denis’ UFC Vegas 56 post-fight property scrum above. More sum tin beryllium recovered below.