UFC Vegas 56: Damon Jackson Really Wants To Fight On UFC 277 In Dallas

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Las Vegas, NV – Hey Dana, Damon Jackson truly wants to get added to UFC 277.

Jackson spoiled Dan Argueta’s UFC debut by defeating him via unanimous determination astatine UFC Vegas 56 connected Saturday. He was primitively scheduled to look Darrick Minner, but Jackson asked to enactment connected the paper erstwhile Minner pulled out, and Argueta stepped up connected a week’s notice.

Jackson was thankful to Argueta for taking the combat up a value class.

“Hell yea [I springiness him props for stepping up]. I effort to accidental things similar that due to the fact that it should beryllium expected if you’re a newcomer to measurement up connected abbreviated notice,” Jackson told Cageside Press. That’s wherever you marque your name. So it’s like, for him- I deliberation they ran it by like, I deliberation 8 antithetic guys. So you know, you got a 135er stepping up; props to him. He’s a beardown kid, like, for 135, guys are gonna person occupation with him. You know, I was doing bully with controlling him, but helium was stout.”

The triumph implicit Argueta was Jackson’s 3rd successful a row, the longest winning streak successful the UFC frankincense far, and helium is arrogant of it.

As for what is next, helium wants to combat connected July 30 astatine UFC 277 successful Dallas precise badly. He would adjacent fto his kids travel to the fight.

“Man, Dana [White], Sean [Shelby], springiness maine the Dallas card,” Jackson said.” People don’t cognize this, but I was calved and raised astir an hr from Dallas. So having a fight, determination is arsenic adjacent to a hometown combat arsenic I could ever get. My full pro vocation has been based retired of Dallas. I was 3 erstwhile I moved to Dallas, and then, you know, I’ve been warring determination since 2013. So it would conscionable beryllium unthinkable to combat successful the American Airlines Center. I’ve watched truthful galore [Dallas] Mavericks games there, truthful galore Stars games. So it would conscionable beryllium chill arsenic hell.”

“And I told my kids..I would ne'er fto them travel to the apex; I would ne'er fto them spell to a antithetic state to ticker maine fight. But I was like, ‘if I combat successful Dallas, you guys tin go; we’ll get a box. We’ll conscionable beryllium you guys up successful the box, and that you tin go, you tin see.’ I deliberation it’d beryllium truthful cool. To combat successful Dallas and to beryllium successful beforehand of my household and friends it would beryllium awesome.”

As for who, Jackson wants Darren Elkins.

“I privation Darren Elkins. I’d emotion to person that fight. He’s the feline that you call, and past he’s gonna beryllium ‘yup, I’ll beryllium there.’ He’s down to fight. I cognize helium would bring the combat for sure. And I would emotion that fight.”

Watch the remainder of Damon Jackson’s post-fight interview.