UFC Vegas 56: Jeff Molina Frustrated With Performance But Says “I Won That Fight”

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Las Vegas, NV — Jeff Molina was frustrated with his show astatine UFC Vegas 56 connected Saturday.

Molina picked up his 3rd UFC triumph successful a precise close, arguable divided determination implicit Zhalgas Zhumagulov. All but 1 media score went successful favour of Zhumagulov. Yet portion astir consciousness helium mislaid the fight, Molina believes helium won the combat connected harm — which is the archetypal criteria successful judging.

Even then, however, Molina (11-2) was frustrated with his performance.

“I’m a small frustrated with however the combat played out, but that’s fighting, man. That’s fighting,” Molina told Cageside Press successful his UFC Vegas 56 post-fight interview. “I’m gonna get amended from this fight. Easier to larn disconnected of a win, and I did deliberation I won that fight. Fights are scored disconnected damage; that’s the biggest criteria successful the sport. I was looking to bash damage. He was looking to clasp maine against the fence, which, you know, recognition to him, helium did a bully occupation of holding maine against a fence. I wasn’t capable to interruption his lock.”

Molina went connected to explicate wherefore helium was frustrated. “My inability to interruption the lock. I felt similar anytime helium tried to beforehand and really decorativeness the takedown, I was close backmost up to my feet. It’s a bully crippled plan, right? Like, hey, ‘let’s frost Jeff by conscionable holding him. By conscionable getting a assemblage fastener astir him and not truly trying to beforehand the fight.’ But that’s not however fights are scored. You got to bash damage, and I felt similar I was trying to f*ck him up, and helium was trying to hug me. Again, it’s portion of fighting; bully connected him. But that’s not however you triumph fights.”

A triumph is simply a win, nary substance however you look astatine it. Molina hopes to instrumentality to the octagon successful October aft a abrogation to Italy.

Molina besides got to respond and respond to the backlash helium got from wearing rainbow colors arsenic portion of Pride Month. When helium shared his outfit with the colors this week, helium was blasted by hateful comments.

“Dude, it’s f*cking ridiculous. Man, who would person [thought] that successful 2022 radical are similar still— like, who the f*ck cares, bro? Like honestly, it’s not adjacent astir being an ally. I americium not saying I americium not, but it’s similar conscionable beryllium a f*cking decent person, similar conscionable beryllium a decent quality being,” Molina said. “Like judging idiosyncratic and trying to warrant it with religion and saying each sorts of similar conscionable spiteful hateful sh*t is brainsick to me. It’s mind-boggling. It’s similar who cares what who idiosyncratic wants to beryllium with oregon like, their intersexual preference.”

“I picked the colors due to the fact that I thought it looked chill and past besides it supports a bully cause. I volition enactment thing of a assemblage that’s been oppressed and ostracized for immoderate clip present for thing they can’t help….mind your ain business; if it doesn’t interest you, get f*cked.”

Watch the remainder of Jeff Molina’s UFC Vegas 56 post-fight property scrum above. More sum from the lawsuit tin beryllium recovered below.