UFC Vegas 56: Karolina Kowalkiewicz Thanks Jedrzejczyk For Setting Up Camp At ATT

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Las Vegas, NV – Karolina Kowalkiewicz had a erstwhile hostile acceptable up her grooming camp.

With her backmost against the partition and her vocation connected the line, Kowalkiewicz came up with a immense triumph erstwhile helium defeated Felice Herring via second-round submission. The Polish combatant is present 2-0 against Herring, defeating her successful 2018 astatine UFC 223.

It was a must-win combat for Kowalkiewicz, and she knew it arsenic she changed everything. She went to Florida for her grooming camp, leaving her household and canine successful Poland. Former strawweight champion and erstwhile hostile Joanna Jedrzejczyk acceptable up the campy for her state mate.

“Joanna truly helped maine to signifier this full combat camp. JJ, convey you precise much. I americium present due to the fact that of you. Yeah, this triumph is teamwork,” Kowalkiewicz told Cageside Press successful her UFC Vegas 56 post-fight interview.

After her win, she fto retired a shriek of emotion. It was a much-needed determination arsenic the fan-favorite combatant was connected a five-fight skid.

“It’s casual to emotion the athletics erstwhile you are champion, erstwhile you are winning your fights,” Kowalkiewicz said. “But erstwhile you commencement losing, erstwhile you suffer one, two, oregon 3 fights and you inactive emotion it, it means that you are a existent martial artist. And I americium a martial artist, and I emotion MMA. I emotion the UFC. I emotion to beryllium a portion of UFC. This is my home. What tin I say? This is my home.”

She besides has a caller location – American Top Team successful Florida. The 36-year-old volition bash each of her combat camps astatine ATT from present on. “I said this today, oregon 1 clip I americium not ‘Polish Princess’ anymore. I americium ‘Polish TNT’ from ATT.”

Kowalkiewicz wants to combat again soon but volition instrumentality immoderate clip with the household that she near for her grooming camp.

“Tomorrow I’m backmost to my home, to my family. I request to walk immoderate clip with my family, instrumentality a abbreviated abrogation and unbend due to the fact that this is precise important too. After vacation, I privation to spell backmost to ATT to bid and combat again,” Kowalkiewicz said.

Watch the remainder of Karolina Kowalkiewicz’s post-fight interview.