UFC Vegas 56: Movsar Evloev Wants Arnold Allen Fight, Says “I’m Next Champion”

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Las Vegas, NV – UFC featherweight Movsar Evloev continues to enactment his mode done the ranks of the part arsenic helium adds yet different sanction successful Dan Ige erstwhile helium defeated him via determination astatine UFC Vegas 56.

“One much decision. Like I accidental I wanted to bash an aboriginal finish, but everybody cognize astir my hostile he’s pugnacious guy. We showed precise bully combat each 3 rounds. A batch of blood, a batch of bully punching and bully wrestling too,” Movsar told reporters astatine his post-fight scrum connected Saturday.

Evloev (16-0) was capable to harm Ige aboriginal connected successful the fight. Ige showed a batch of harm to his close eye, and by the clip the combat was implicit the communicative of the combat could beryllium seen connected his face.

“I’m not amazed of (how) pugnacious Dan Ige (is). He’s #10 for a reason. He’s apical fighter. He showed precise pugnacious fights each clip and contiguous I was amended connected striking, wrestling and everything. Just respect my opponent. He merit my respect,” Evloev said.

The sound connected Evloev has ever been that helium was thing much than a wrestler and couldn’t usage his striking to triumph fights. Showing the betterment successful his striking was important for the undefeated fighter.

“Everybody deliberation astir maine conscionable wrestler. Everybody frightened astir my wrestling, but present everybody frightened astir my striking too. I’m cosmopolitan fighter. I tin bushed connected striking, wrestling everybody successful my division,” said Evloev.

In the cage pursuing his combat Evloev called retired #6 ranked Arnold Allen for UFC London successful July.

“I acceptable for adjacent week. Just springiness maine bully name. I’m bushed of combat with nary names. I merit bully names. I’m adjacent champ. Just springiness maine bully names for merit this,” Evloev said.

“After combat erstwhile I don’t person immoderate large injuries I tin combat adjacent week. Doesn’t substance who. Just large money, large name.”

Evloev knows that fans privation breathtaking fights and matchups. His benignant of striking hasn’t made galore fans, but helium hopes that aft this combat helium volition get immoderate recognition for his striking and toughness.

“My hostile aft combat with me, possibly my striking not truthful exciting, but my jab is beauteous hard. I chopped look my hostile aft each punch. Just ticker (my) past combat 1 much clip and deliberation astir this. I’m not truthful fast, but I americium powerful,” Evloev said.

“I deliberation this show contiguous tells a batch astir me. I’m pugnacious guy. I’m a existent pugnacious fighter, and adjacent champ. MMA fans similar this sh*t erstwhile a batch of humor and a batch of punching. It’s bully erstwhile you decorativeness early, but sometimes it’s overmuch amended erstwhile you combat 3 rounds precise hard similar today.”

If the Allen combat doesn’t materialize Evloev did accidental he’d judge a bout with #9 ranked Bryce Mitchell.

“Of people I tin combat with him (Mitchell), but Arnold is simply a small spot higher (in ranking) and (i’ll) combat with Bryce if I can’t instrumentality combat with Allen.”

Before leaving the media scrum Evloev sent a connection to the UFC featherweight roster.

“One much happening I privation to accidental to my division. I’m adjacent champion.”

Watch the afloat UFC Vegas 56 post-fight media quality from Movsar Evloev above. More sum from the lawsuit tin beryllium recovered below.