UFC Vegas 56: Ode Osbourne ‘On Cloud 9’ After Win, Wants Jeff Molina Next

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Las Vegas, NV – Sometimes afloat camps effect successful abbreviated fights and for UFC flyweight Ode Osbourne that was surely the case. Osbourne defeated Zarrukh Adashev via TKO astatine UFC Vegas 56 connected Saturday.

“I conscionable won successful a infinitesimal truthful I’m connected unreality 9. I consciousness truly good. At the aforesaid clip I’m complacent due to the fact that I can’t fto it get supra me. In bid to beryllium a champion, similar I’ve said before, I person to expect those to happen. I said to John ‘I can’t judge precisely what we worked connected conscionable worked conscionable present successful a minute.’ And helium was similar ‘I can.’ But that’s the happening I person to commencement believing it due to the fact that I privation to beryllium a champion,” Osbourne told Cageside Press and reporters astatine his post-fight scrum.

“I person to obliterate everybody that comes successful beforehand of maine successful bid to beryllium that I americium title material.”

When Osbourne said that what helium couldn’t judge that what they worked connected successful campy really happened successful the fight. The crippled program was acceptable and cleanable for the occasion.

“That. (The crippled program was) Literally that. John and I person been moving that determination for 8 months damn near. We knew it wasn’t going to beryllium a combo decorativeness it was going to beryllium either a drawback him erstwhile comes in, popular shots, popular him with the 2 popular him with the antagonistic hook. Pop him with the jab. It was going to beryllium 1 of the other. I thought it was going to beryllium a flying genu astatine 1 point,” Osbourne said.

“That’s the combat game. You don’t what it’s going to be. That’s wherefore I effort to support my caput unfastened connected immoderate possibilities of winning.”

Doing your homework and having it really wage disconnected is 1 of the sweeter parts of the game. Osbourne surely felt that.

“Anybody tin spell successful determination and wound down connected their rima portion and fight. It’s hard to spell successful determination and spot what you and your manager person been moving connected and conscionable unbend and fto it come. That’s a portion astir being a champion. You person to spot that. That’s the process that not a batch of radical do. Soon arsenic they get retired they’re similar ‘AH’ hide everything I worked on. I’m conscionable going to bash what I do,” Osbourne said.

“I couldn’t person asked for a amended finish.”

Jeff Molina fought earlier successful the nighttime and pursuing his triumph Osbourne called him retired for his adjacent bout.

“I deliberation Jeff Molina is simply a large basal up combatant and he’s an breathtaking fighter. I deliberation I’m a decent capable basal up fighter. I deliberation the fans would privation to spot it and I deliberation it would beryllium a large banger retired determination for everybody to watch. I couldn’t person asked for a amended telephone out. He fought the nonstop nighttime I did truthful we some person the nonstop aforesaid clip to prepare,” Osbourne said.

“So let’s tally it man. I’m down with that.”

Watch the afloat UFC Vegas 56 post-fight media scrum with Ode Osbourne above. More sum from the lawsuit tin beryllium recovered below.