UFC Vegas 57’s Mario Bautista Expects War with Kelleher

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Mario Bautista and Jay Perrin, UFC Vegas 48LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - FEBRUARY 19: (R-L) Mario Bautista punches Jay Perrin successful their bantamweight combat during the UFC Fight Night lawsuit astatine UFC APEX connected February 19, 2022 successful Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC)

When the fight announcement of Mario Bautista and Brian Kelleher came through, fans rejoiced. Not lone does Mario Bautista bring a benignant that excites fans, but Kelleher’s sanction has go synonymous with excitement. Bautista himself recognized that information precocious and looks guardant to what that means successful the cage. With Kelleher having dropped his past fight, helium thinks the bantamweight is going to beryllium adjacent much eager.

“I deliberation he’s going to travel aft it. Coming disconnected his past loss, he’s going to get aft it,” helium said. “I’m going to conscionable him close determination successful the middle. It could beryllium a speedy nighttime oregon a imaginable combat of the night.”

Even though Bautista is simply a well-versed wrestler with a slew of grooming partners that travel from the highest level of the discipline, helium isn’t readying connected pulling this combat onto the mat. However, that doesn’t mean helium thinks his hostile won’t effort either.

“I’m ever going to beryllium looking for immoderate benignant of finish, but successful this fight, I deliberation helium mightiness effort to prosecute successful the wrestling,” helium said. “I’m acceptable for that. I emotion to wrestle, onslaught – immoderate you privation to do.”

Whatever the benignant of combat that comes to him this weekend, he’ll person his oculus connected the bonus. The information that each finisher connected the past 2 cards has gotten a bonus isn’t mislaid connected him.

“These guys, particularly the past card, person been mounting the standard,” Bautista said. “So I’m hoping this Saturday, man, hopefully I tin support up with them and that modular due to the fact that seemingly those finishes are getting bonuses. And that’s conscionable my benignant anyways.”

Bautista’s combat volition instrumentality spot connected the ESPN+ prelims this play astatine UFC Vegas 57.

You tin perceive the full audio of this interrogation astatine 23:23.