Update On Length Of Booker T’s WWE Contract

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Despite not having wrestled a televised lucifer successful implicit a decade, Booker T knows however to stay successful news. He continues making headlines 1 mode oregon the other.

With AEW successfully utilizing legends similar Sting and Tully Blanchard to assistance beforehand younger talents, galore wonderment if we tin spot the erstwhile WCW champion joining Tony Khan‘s promotion anytime successful the adjacent future.

T was asked astir this connected the latest occurrence of his Hall of Fame podcast. Replying to it, Booker revealed that helium really has a batch of clip near connected his declaration with WWE:

“I got astir six years near connected my contract, 7 maybe, I ain’t going nowhere, man. I’m ne'er going to accidental never, oregon thing similar that, but I really emotion wherever I’m astatine with the WWE.”

– Booker T

Booker T does marque indie appearances each present and past portion besides moving his Reality of Wrestling promotion from the Houston area.

The erstwhile satellite champion conscionable precocious created immoderate buzz by returning to in-ring enactment for a 10 men tag squad lucifer astatine an ROW event.

Though contempt his caller outing, Booker T has claimed that he has nary intention of holding a ‘Ric Flair‘s Last Match’ benignant lawsuit of his own.

Quotes via WrestlingInc