Update: Tyson Fury Accepts Jake Paul’s Wager Request

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Jake Paul and Tyson Fury person agreed to rise the stakes up of the upcoming boxing lucifer betwixt Paul and Tyson’s younger member Tommy.

Earlier this week, the 2nd effort astatine a Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury lucifer was made official, with the 2 young boxers acceptable to vie successful New York City this August.

One unsocial strategy that Paul has utilized to beforehand his fights is making bets successful bid to marque things much interesting. Who could ever hide the tattoo stake made with Tyron Woodley that saw the erstwhile UFC champ person to marque himself with the YouTuber’s sanction aft losing their archetypal fight?

woodley jake paul tattooTyron Woodley’s “I Love Jake Paul” Tattoo

This time, it isn’t the hostile Paul is looking to marque a stake with, but alternatively his celebrated brother, Tyson Fury.

Saturday, Paul took to Twitter to stock comments Fury made successful an interrogation wherever helium said he’d beryllium consenting to enactment $100,000 connected Tommy to decision Paul. While Tyson didn’t azygous retired Paul arsenic the idiosyncratic he’d stake with, Paul swiftly volunteered to wager against the Gypsy King.

In fact, helium wholly dismissed the $100,000 fig arsenic a awesome of cowardice and has insisted connected expanding the amount.

“So guys, Tyson Fury, who made $40 cardinal past twelvemonth is consenting to stake $100,000 connected his brother? Oh, my God we’re shaking. Hey, Tyson, you fuckin’ pussy, you made $40 million. I cognize it wasn’t arsenic overmuch arsenic me, but let’s up the ante. Let’s stake a cardinal connected it, Tyson. $2 million, $3 million, nevertheless overmuch you privation to fuckin’ bet. Let’s bash it. Are you down? Make a deal.”

Paul would past spell connected to authorities that Fury’s connection is an illustration of radical connected societal media lacking the courageousness to instrumentality existent chances and genuinely backmost up their words. He would adjacent propulsion successful a spontaneous footwork creation to further stress his ain bravado portion donning himself “a acold motherfucker.”

Tyson Fury Responds To Jake Paul

Before long, Tyson Fury would contented the pursuing effect to Paul, wherever helium accepted to summation the wager magnitude to $1 million.

“This is simply a connection for Jake Paul. Hey, Jakey boy! I perceive you wanna stake a bigger stake than $100,000. You privation a bigger bet, motherfucker? You privation a cardinal dollars? Let’s bash it! Holla astatine your boy! You privation a million? You got it!”

The Gypsy King would past present immoderate parting words for his younger brother’s aboriginal foe.

“And hey, Jakey! I privation to spot this cardinal dollars successful escrow, sucka! Because I don’t deliberation you’ve got a cardinal dollars! And I ain’t talkin’ astir crypto! I’m talking astir existent US greenbags, motherfucker!”

Jake Paul Makes The Bet Official

After viewing Fury’s response, Jake Paul confirmed the presumption of the caller $1 cardinal stake and mocked Fury’s prime of video filter. You tin presumption Paul’s follow-up video below.

The bout betwixt Jake Paul and Tommy Fury is scheduled for August 6 wrong the historical Madison Square Garden.

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