Vince McMahon Wasn’t Behind Stephanie McMahon’s Leave Of Absence From WWE (Report)

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Weeks aft Stephanie McMahon announced that she was taking a permission of lack from WWE to absorption connected her family, a Business Insider report was published this past play that alluded to Vince McMahon driving his girl retired of his company. 

The study stated Stephanie “is being replaced successful her firm relation arsenic portion of a shakeup executed by her father, Vince McMahon, the organization’s 76-year-old CEO.”

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that is not the lawsuit arsenic McMahon took a permission of lack connected her own. 

If McMahon does instrumentality to WWE it whitethorn not beryllium successful the aforesaid relation arsenic erstwhile she near arsenic the institution is already interviewing candidates for a manager of marque and selling presumption that volition instrumentality implicit galore of her aged responsibilities.

There were immoderate quotes from WWE insiders that did overgarment a antagonistic representation regarding Stephanie. Meltzer noted connected the connection committee that it appears to beryllium a burial by the company

The BI study focused connected the deficiency of maturation of sponsorship which was astir $20 cardinal successful Q1. During the investors telephone for that quarter, McMahon said there’s nary crushed WWE couldn’t beryllium bringing successful hundreds of millions a twelvemonth successful the adjacent three-to-five years.

“We weren’t seeing that growth,” said the institution insider of McMahon’s tenure. “When idiosyncratic is moved retired of a company, it’s usually the effect of thing not working. We took stronger power of that a fewer months ago.”

McMahon’s exit is the latest of the departures the institution has had implicit the past fewer years since WWE fired co-Presidents George Barrios and Michelle Wilson successful early-2020 and Nick Khan took implicit arsenic President.