Virna Jandiroba Says “Spiritually It Was Very Important” to Overcome Early Injury at UFC Vegas 54

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Las Vegas, NV — A noticeably hobbled Virna Jandiroba appeared backstage astatine the UFC Apex connected Saturday sporting crutches, the effect of what she felt mightiness beryllium ligament harm suffered successful the opening circular of her UFC Vegas 54 strawweight bout with Angela Hill.

Coming truthful aboriginal successful the fight, the limb wounded was a hurdle Jandiroba (18-3) was forced to overcome, with the combat yet going the distance. The Brazilian took location a one-sided unanimous determination win.

Asked during her post-fight media scrum whether she had been forced to alteration up her crippled program arsenic a effect of the injury, the erstwhile Invicta FC champ replied by saying “I won’t accidental changed much, but I did consciousness it buckling successful the different 2 rounds. When I went to the country I told my manager ‘I deliberation there’s thing incorrect there,’ he’s similar ‘no! there’s thing wrong! Just support astatine it, everything’s going to beryllium alright.'”

“I deliberation spiritually it was precise important happening to me, conscionable overcoming it and making definite that I kept dependable and astatine the plan, adjacent though we were getting immoderate bumps successful the road,” Jandiroba added.

While Hill didn’t person an reply for Virna Jandiroba’s grapping erstwhile each was said and done, she was capable to astatine slightest debar being submitted. That wasn’t precisely a astonishment to the Brazilian, who called herself a instrumentality of “Overkill.”

“I’ve been watching Angela for the longest time, I’ve been watching her career. I’m a large instrumentality of hers, I’ve ever said that,” Jandiroba said. “She has a beauteous history, she showed a batch of resilience, not conscionable successful the cage but outside. Just coming to the UFC, getting released, past warring her mode backmost up, getting backmost successful here. You tin ne'er expect idiosyncratic that is similar her, that is truthful beardown spiritually, to conscionable springiness up successful there. You’ve got to spot that she’s going to beryllium determination passim the full thing, and I’m precise blessed that she did, due to the fact that that’s what I was expecting from her.”

Watch Virna Jandiroba’s afloat UFC Vegas 54 post-fight media scrum above. More sum from the lawsuit tin beryllium recovered below.