Welcome to the UFC: Natalia Silva

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The UFC hits Austin, Texas this Saturday astatine the Moody Center, the 2nd consecutive week the promotion has been connected the road. The paper is headlined by 2 of the astir action-packed featherweights retired determination successful Calvin Kattar and Josh Emmett. In a stacked UFC Austin Fight Night paper Jasmine Jasudavicius is looking to spell 2-0 successful the UFC against newcomer Natalia Silva.

Natalia Silva
Standing astatine 5’4″
Fighting astatine 125 lbs (flyweight)
Fighting retired of Ipatinga, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Training retired of Team Borracha
A pro grounds of 12-5-1
3 KO/TKOs, 7 Submissions

How volition Silva bash successful the UFC:

Natalia Silva is an unusual signing for the UFC. Considering she was a erstwhile Jungle Fight champion I spot wherefore she did get signed. She inactive hasn’t fought since 2019 and talent-wise determination are truthful galore overmuch amended options retired there. However, Silva has a good-looking grounds and her lone nonaccomplishment successful astir the past six years is to Marina Rodriguez.

When you look astatine her accomplishment acceptable she’s fundamentally a grappler with an arm-bar. She doesn’t person the wrestling to get it to the mat the mode she likes. Silva is bully astatine utilizing trips successful the clinch to get it down but that volition lone spell truthful acold astatine a higher level. On the mat is wherever she wants to beryllium due to the fact that the longer she’s connected her feet the much she’s successful danger. What she does bash good is propulsion a batch of output. When she’s throwing that output her chin is up successful the aerial acceptable to beryllium blasted unfortunately. When she throws kicks her chin is up determination too. Silva’s striking is conscionable excessively sloppy and combined with mediocre defense, it’s a unspeakable brace to have.

Even erstwhile Silva does get the combat down her BJJ isn’t that good. She ne'er solidifies positions and chiefly jumps the weapon connected her submission attempts. I spot Silva struggling successful the UFC. She isn’t up to par physically and her striking defence is excessively bad. It’s not hard to envision her going without a triumph successful the promotion and exiting quickly.

How she matches up with Jasmine Jasudavicius:

Jasudavicius is -225 astatine champion but should beryllium astatine slightest -400. Silva is simply a tiny flyweight and Jasudavicius is simply a large one. She should beryllium capable to power wherever this combat goes. In not 1 country bash I spot Silva having an advantage. Silva is taking a precise pugnacious combat successful her debut and I foretell it to beryllium a unsmooth nighttime for her.