Welcome to the UFC: Tatsuro Taira

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Tatsuro Taira, UFC Vegas 53Tatsuro Taira, UFC Vegas 53 weigh-in Credit: Dave Noseworthy/Cageside Press

Once again acceptable for the Apex, UFC Vegas 53 is headlined by Rob Font and Marlon Vera successful a bantamweight bout. Among the paper are names similar Darren Elkins, Jared Gordon, Grant Dawson, Alexander Romanov, and more. To unfastened up the amusement we’ve got 2 debutants. In that flyweight fight, Contender Series play 5 victor Carlos Candelario volition beryllium making his debut against the chap newcomer Tatsuro Taira.

Tatsuro Taira
Standing astatine 5’7″
Fighting astatine 125 lbs (flyweight)
Fighting retired of Deerfield Beach, Florida, US
Training retired of Naha, Okinawa, Japan
A pro grounds of 10-0
3 KO/TKOs, 5 Submissions

How volition Taira volition bash successful the UFC:

It’s breathtaking to spot the UFC spell retired and motion a apical imaginable alternatively of bringing them connected successful short-notice fights. Taira has been 1 of the champion prospects from Japan the past fewer years. Although he’s not been warring the champion contention successful Japan, Taira has bushed a batch of well-experienced fighters.

Taira doesn’t person immoderate glaring holes but decidedly is amended erstwhile helium gets the takedown. His wrestling mightiness not lucifer however bully his grappling is but it’s promising. You won’t spot Taira onshore takedowns successful abstraction excessively often. He’s amended astatine getting the combat against the cage and getting the takedown from there. It’s getting the takedown utilizing trips that’s what he’s bully at. He’s besides bully astatine forcing guys to springiness their backmost on the cage and he’ll leap aboard.

Taira is idiosyncratic you don’t privation to hazard going to the mat with. He has immoderate high-level slick grappling. Taking the backmost and transitioning into ascendant positions helium is superb at. He’s the benignant of combatant that volition leap triangle portion successful equine taking that risk. Taira is simply a submission menace that actively throws crushed and pound.

Striking-wise, Taira has powerfulness and throws immoderate bully kicks to the assemblage and legs. He tin beryllium a spot excessively diligent with his hands and his caput tin beryllium much moved disconnected the centerline. He does support his hands up and his footwork is bully capable astatine a definite level. He has the powerfulness and changeable placement but needs to enactment connected everything else. Taira has a precocious ceiling and volition beryllium successful the apical 15 astatine immoderate constituent successful the future. I bash deliberation helium could advancement adjacent much being truthful young.

How helium matches up with Candelario:

Candelario is coming disconnected a nonaccomplishment connected the Contender Series but it’s a combat helium should’ve won and Dana White inactive signed him. Back erstwhile Candelario was progressive successful 2017 helium was 1 of the champion prospects astatine flyweight. Candelario is simply a amended striker than Taira and adjacent a amended wrestler. He doesn’t privation to instrumentality Taira down considering he’ll person to beryllium successful antiaircraft mode the full time. Candelario does person takedown defence issues and his state vessel hasn’t looked good. If this was a fewer years agone I’d prime Canelario. At this stage, I similar the younger Taira.