Why TUF 30’s Juliana Miller Nearly Walked Away From MMA

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Not that agelong ago, Juliana Miller came adjacent to quitting MMA entirely.

Miller (2-1), an Invicta FC alum who has stayed engaged competing successful grappling arsenic well, volition diagnostic connected The Ultimate Fighter 30, which kicks disconnected Tuesday nighttime connected ESPN+. You cognize the drill by now: UFC hopefuls unrecorded successful a location together, bid nether a mates of established pros — successful this case, Julianna Pena and Amanda Nunes — and enactment their mode done a tournament-style format to triumph their mode into the UFC.

While Dana White’s Contender Series has fundamentally eclipsed TUF successful presumption of popularity, the instrumentality of the amusement past summertime proved determination was beingness successful the conception yet. In play 30, Miller volition beryllium 1 of 8 women’s flyweights vying for a spot connected the large show.

There was a constituent wherever it astir didn’t happen. Not conscionable TUF, but her MMA vocation period.

While Miller present sees making the amusement arsenic thing that “was meant to be,” that wasn’t ever the case. “I was going done a play wherever I was unsure if warring was the champion vocation enactment for me, if I’m being honest. I was truly reasoning astir joining the subject arsenic a pilot,” Miller told Cageside Press successful an exclusive interrogation recently. “I’m 25 now. For me, being capable to acceptable up for the aboriginal is incredibly important. I privation to bargain a house. Although I ever believed successful myself to marque it, I’ve seen fighters springiness themselves to this sport, and the lone happening they person to amusement for it is simply a breached body. And it’s bosom breaking.”

Miller had a speech with her coaches, and questioned whether warring was the champion enactment for her. Her coaches unanimously advised against enlisting. From there, Miller went into an affectional quality people with her options, and adjacent prayed connected the matter, looking for a sign, contempt not being “extremely religious.”

“Lo and behold, I got a connection from 1 of the producers saying ‘hey we deliberation you should use for TUF,'” recalled Miller. “I applied, and I was similar ‘man if this is not the motion I was asking for, I don’t cognize what is.'”

Miller believes that it’s much than conscionable her warring that fans volition yet link with. “It truly conscionable goes to amusement that one, I americium a large fighter, but I deliberation it’s much than that. I deliberation that radical bash privation to spot a persona, and I’m a truly relatable character. I’ve flooded home violence, depression, each kinds of conscionable traumatic things that mean radical spell done connected a regular basis. And these are things that halt radical from surviving their dreams, but I’m 1 of the fewer that recovered a steadfast mode to flooded it done affectional intelligence.”

The 25-year aged known known arsenic “Killer” Miller exudes confidence, which should service her good done the people of the season.

“I’m truly excited to spell retired there, I judge successful myself, that I’m going to win, but the stars aligned for this for me,” she told us. “So I cognize I’m meant to beryllium here, and much than winning the full show, I truly privation to spell retired determination and amusement the full satellite that you tin bash it. You truly tin unrecorded retired your imagination and don’t quit, don’t beryllium similar maine and astir discontinue connected it. I’ve ever wanted to bash thing high-athletic, I inactive privation to beryllium a pilot, but I’m truly conscionable excited to stock my communicative with the satellite and beryllium information for people, and I deliberation conscionable being relatable similar that is thing radical bask seeing.”

“I’m conscionable a f*cking powerhouse, man. I’m gonna permission it each successful the cage,” she finished.

Watch our afloat interrogation with TUF 30’s Juliana Miller above.