WWE Hall Of Famer Is Worried Ric Flair Could ‘Drop Dead’ In Upcoming Match

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A batch of radical are disquieted astir the wellness of Ric Flair aft helium announced an in-ring instrumentality astatine the property of 73. WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco is 1 specified prima who is disquieted that the worst tin happen.

The erstwhile WWE prima precocious had an interrogation with Sportskeeda. He discussed the Nature Boy’s determination to wrestle 1 last match aboriginal this year.

Brisco gave words to the fearfulness of a batch of fans. He mentioned however Flair has a pacemaker installed successful his bosom and a incorrect bump tin pb to catastrophic results:

“He’s got a damn pacemaker and it worries me. I’ve talked to doctors and a definite bump successful the incorrect direction, oregon a definite chop oregon thing similar that, and that happening tin dislodge and helium tin driblet dead.

I don’t privation to spot Ric Flair driblet dead.” said Gerald Brisco, “I don’t privation to beryllium a portion of that. I privation him well.”

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The wrestling seasoned noted that this is the worst-case script and Ric Flair volition astir apt get done the lucifer with flying colors.

Brisco said that what truly scares him is what volition hap if the 16-time satellite champion does look from the bout unscathed. He noted that it tin promote Ric to bash it erstwhile again and instrumentality adjacent much risks down the line.

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