WWE Hall of Famer Slams Ryback Over Nasty Comments Towards Vince McMahon

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Booker T has mislaid each respect for Ryback aft the Big Guy’s caller comments astir WWE brag Vince McMahon.

Ryback was chopped by WWE backmost successful 2016, though helium maintains that helium near the institution voluntarily.

Since then, Ryback has consistently bashed WWE and Vince McMahon, claiming the institution is illegally suppressing his societal media accounts.

Recently, Ryback attacked Vince McMahon connected Twitter, calling the WWE Chairman’s deceased parent Vicky Askew a “wh*re.”

Askew died successful January 2022 astatine the property of 101.

Speaking connected his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker addressed Ryback’s vulgar comment:

“When you’re talking astir idiosyncratic that you don’t know, that close determination for maine is taking it to different level…  I person nary occupation oregon idiosyncratic issues with Ryback oregon thing similar that but I’m not idiosyncratic that hides up nether a stone oregon thing oregon that’s acrophobic to tackle a concern similar this 1 close here. My happening is this. Ryback didn’t marque it successful the WWE, right? That’s a fact, helium didn’t marque it successful the WWE.

“A idiosyncratic that says thing similar that, I conscionable bash not person a full batch of respect for him. The happening is, if I saw him successful his face, I’ll archer him, ‘I don’t person a batch of respect for you astatine each if any.’ Seriously, that’s conscionable the benignant of idiosyncratic I am. I bash cognize if I ever was to tally crossed Ryback ever again successful immoderate form, helium would not beryllium receiving a handshake.”

Despite claiming to basal by the comments helium made, Ryback has since deleted the tweet wherever helium insulted McMahon’s mother.