WWE Legend Defends Roman Reigns For Taking Reduced Schedule

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One WWE Hall of Famer doesn’t privation to perceive thing antagonistic astir Roman Reigns taking less dates.

Reigns has cemented himself arsenic WWE’s biggest attraction. Ever since going bottommost backmost successful 2020 and forming The Bloodline, the “Tribal Chief” has wide been considered 1 of the champion acts successful wrestling.

At the tallness of his popularity, Reigns has decided to standard things backmost a bit. He reportedly signed a caller deal with WWE to trim his schedule.

Reigns won’t beryllium moving astir arsenic galore location amusement dates arsenic helium had been and currently isn’t scheduled for the June 5 Hell successful a Cell premium unrecorded event.

Booker T Comes To Roman Reigns’ Defense

Booker T took to his Hall of Fame podcast to knock fans who kick astir Reigns perchance being a “part-timer” (h/t 411Mania.com).

“It’s hard to marque radical happy, truthful I don’t deliberation you should deliberation astir what radical privation successful definite aspects, particularly arsenic acold arsenic this goes. For 1 moment, radical are talking astir wrestler’s enactment excessively damn much.

“And now, he’s gone to instrumentality immoderate clip off, they accidental he’s conscionable a part-timer. Which 1 is it? You can’t person both. For me, arsenic a promoter, if I tin support Roman Reigns and sphere him due to the fact that helium is simply a feline that I consciousness is simply a precocious marquee feline for the company, wherefore wouldn’t I bash that?

“As acold arsenic that guys, I don’t truly attraction what radical deliberation arsenic acold arsenic him being a part-timer.”

Despite Booker’s rant, the wide statement seems to beryllium that Reigns deserves the caller presumption of his deal. He’s rather invaluable to WWE and was capable to extremity the scales successful his favor.

Approaching the property of 37 adjacent week and having young kids, Reigns apt wants to walk much clip with his family.

Booker went connected to accidental that he’s unsure if WWE fans volition crook connected the “Head of the Table” erstwhile helium starts appearing little often.

“You cognize what, they astir apt would due to the fact that determination again, the fans, a batch of times, they privation what they want. Then again, possibly they won’t. Maybe WWE fans are different.

“Cody Rhodes, they hated him going retired of AEW, and present they look to emotion Cody Rhodes. With fans, it whitethorn conscionable beryllium a fewer reasoning that way, but sometimes, the masses look immense these days erstwhile you spot radical connected societal media commenting.

“If Roman takes immoderate clip off, damn it, helium deserves it. He deserves it. Bottom line.”