WWE Prospect Charged with Felony Sexual Battery

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Last December, WWE announced the Next successful Line Program, aft an NCAA argumentation alteration allowed assemblage athletes to monetize their name, image, and likeness.

Rather than absorption connected established wrestlers with years of acquisition extracurricular WWE, the promotion’s strategy is to motion young athletes who they tin bid successful WWE’s benignant of nonrecreational wrestling.

Being a portion of the NIL programme gives the athletes entree to WWE’s Performance Center successful Orlando, but 1 of the company’s young prospects is successful superior trouble.

The Warrant

Yesterday, a tribunal issued an apprehension warrant for AJ Ferrari, who faces a felony complaint of intersexual battery.

According to documents obtained by The Oklahoman newspaper, the warrant was issued aft an affidavit was filed by a detective successful the Stillwater Police Department’s transgression investigations division.

Bond has reportedly been acceptable by Payne County District Court astatine $25,000, according to the Stillwater News Press.

The Charge

Ferrari is alleged to person performed unwanted intersexual acts connected a pistillate portion holding her down connected her furniture connected July 2.

Three days aft the alleged incident, the pistillate filed for an exigency protective order, and a proceeding is scheduled for September 15.

On July 13, Oklahoma State University announced that Ferrari is nary longer connected their wrestling team.

Under Oklahoma law, intersexual artillery faces a punishment if convicted of betwixt 1 to 15 years successful prison.

Ferrari’s attorney, Derek Chance, has claimed that his lawsuit is guiltless and that helium is assured that AJ Ferrari volition beryllium exonerated successful owed time.