WWE RAW Results (6/6/22): Seth Rollins Attacks Cody Rhodes, The Judgement Day, Fatal 4-Way

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WWE RAW aired unrecorded this week from the Resch Center successful Green Bay, Wisconsin. It was the archetypal occurrence of RAW pursuing WWE Hell successful a Cell. In summation to the takeaways below, it was announced that John Cena volition beryllium returning connected the June 27th occurrence of RAW to observe 20 years successful WWE.

RAW Results (6/6)

Dana Brooke def. Becky Lynch to clasp the 24/7 ChampionshipRiddle def. The MizStreet Profits def. The Usos via count-out successful a Championship Contender’s matchVeer Mahaan def. Dominik via DQOmos def. Cedric AlexanderEzekiel def. OtisRhea Ripley def. Doudrop, Liv Morgan, Alexa Bliss successful a Fatal 4-Way to gain a changeable astatine the RAW Women’s Championship astatine Money successful the Bank

Here are the takeaways from this week’s show:

Seth Rollins Attacked Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes kicked disconnected the amusement to a large absorption from the crowd. They chanted “thank you Cody!” arsenic helium said that is simply a privilege to bash what helium does. Rhodes called Rollins 1 of the champion wrestlers ever, but helium is present officially done with Seth. Cody took a look astatine the MITB briefcases supra them and however the declaration wrong has alluded him his full career.

Rhodes wondered if determination mightiness beryllium a mode for him to triumph the lucifer successful 4 weeks and situation for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship. Seth Rollins interrupted and joined Cody successful the ring. Rollins grabbed a microphone and told Cody that helium inactive does not similar him.

Rollins complimented Rhodes and added that helium has earned his respect. Seth noted that the satellite is saying that it is 1 of the gutsiest performances successful wrestling past and claimed that Cody is the toughest idiosyncratic he’s been successful the ringing with. Rollins added that Dusty is precise arrogant of his babe lad and Cody got choked up.

Seth extended his manus and Cody shook it. Rollins whispered thing successful Cody’s receptor and exited the ring. Cody waved to the assemblage connected the entranceway ramp and Seth bashed him successful the backmost of the caput with a sledgehammer. Rollins drove the sledgehammer into the torn pec and taunted Cody to extremity the segment.

Asuka Helped Dana Brooke Retain The 24/7 Title Over Becky Lynch

Dana Brooke won the 24/7 Championship portion Becky Lynch was successful the ring. Lynch past challenged Dana Brooke to a 24/7 Championship lucifer arsenic RAW went to a break. When RAW returned, Becky deed Dana with an Exploder Suplex and immoderate kicks. Lynch followed it up with different Exploder Suplex and past a third.

Asuka’s taxable deed and she made her mode to the ring. Lynch deed a 4th Exploder Suplex but got distracted by Asuka. Dana rolled Becky up for a 2 count. Lynch got pissed and leveled Dana with a Clothesline. Dana battled backmost with immoderate punches and past a Splash successful the corner. Dana connected with a moving Bulldog and went for the screen but Big Time Becks kicked retired astatine two.

Dana climbed to the apical turnbuckle and went for a Senton but Becky got retired of the way. Lynch went for the Man-Handle Slam but erstwhile again got distracted by Dana Brooke. Dana rolled Becky up and Asuka held Lynch’s legs down. Dana Brooke retained and Asuka laughed astatine Lynch aft the match.

Riddle def. The Miz, Issued A Challenge For Roman Reigns

The Miz and Maryse hosted an variation of Miz TV with Riddle arsenic their guest. Miz noted that if helium wins MITB, it volition beryllium his 3rd clip and a caller WWE record. Miz and Maryse hyped their world amusement (Miz & Mrs) play premiere contiguous pursuing RAW earlier Riddle interrupted. Riddle made his mode to the ringing connected his scooter and said spoke French to Maryse.

Riddle gave different shoutout to Randy Orton and Miz got annoyed. Miz claimed that Randy Orton’s vocation is implicit and Riddle is going to get his ass kicked each week by The Bloodline. Riddle told Miz to unopen the hellhole up and fto him decorativeness what helium was going to say. Riddle vowed to instrumentality the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship from Roman Reigns due to the fact that helium took Orton out.

Riddle added that Maryse drags Miz astir by his tiny balls and a “tiny balls!” chant broke out. Maryse informed everyone that The Miz has mean sized balls and past shouted that they are immense aft Miz got adjacent much annoyed. Maryse past made matters worse by accepting a situation connected Miz’s behalf against Riddle. Miz said this is his premiere enactment and he’s successful a tuxedo. Miz declined and Ciampa showed up retired of nowhere. Ciampa attacked Riddle from down and leveled him with a genu to the head. The Miz past accepted the situation aft Ciampa’s attack.

The lucifer started aft a commercialized interruption and Riddle deed Miz with a Powerslam. Riddle followed it up with a DDT and geared up for the RKO. Riddle went for it but Miz shoved him distant and rolled retired of the ring. Maryse pulled Miz retired of the mode of a footwear but Riddle inactive caught up to him. Riddle ripped Miz’s suit pants and Miz was present wrestling successful his underwear. Maryse gave Miz her purse and distracted the referee. Miz swung the purse but Riddle ducked and past deed an RKO for the pinfall victory.

Street Profits Earned A Title Shot Via Count-Out

Undisputed Tag Team Champions The Usos battled Street Profits successful a Championship Contender’s match. Angelo Dawkins knocked Jey disconnected the ringing apron and leveled Jimmy with a Clothesline for a adjacent fall. Dawkins isolated Jimmy successful the country and tagged successful Montez Ford. Jimmy rolled retired of the ringing to regroup arsenic Montez posed successful the ring.

Jey Uso tagged successful and bushed Montez down successful the country of the ring. Ford battled backmost and tagged successful Angelo Dawkins. Angelo deed a enarthrosis tackle and went for the screen but Jey kicked retired astatine two. Jey past rolled retired of the ringing and The Usos regrouped again.

When RAW returned from a break, The Usos were successful power and had Angelo isolated successful the ring. The Usos dominated the adjacent fewer minutes of the lucifer and kept Angelo trapped successful the corner. The enactment spilled retired of the ringing and The Usos launched Dawkins into the alloy steps arsenic RAW went to different commercial.

Montez Ford deed Jey with a dive done the ropes but turned astir into a dive from Jimmy Uso. Angelo Dawkins past flipped onto some Usos and rolled Jey into the ring. Montez deed Jey with a Frog Splash and went for the screen but Jimmy broke it up astatine two. Montez sent Jey implicit the barricade into the timekeeper’s country and rolled backmost into the ringing for a number retired victory. Street Profits person earned a changeable astatine the tag titles. Riddle celebrated with Street Profits aft the match.

Theory Interrupted Lashley

Bobby Lashley made his mode to the ringing aft defeating MVP & Omos past nighttime successful a Handicap match. Lashley said MVP and Omos are successful his rear presumption reflector but was rapidly interrupted by United States Champion Theory.

Theory claimed that Lashley was stealing his spotlight and helium deserves to beryllium retired here. Theory shouted astatine the assemblage to unopen up and claimed that Alexander helped Lashley triumph his lucifer past night. He told Lashley to get retired of his ringing but Bobby wanted a fight. Theory agreed to a lucifer and flexed successful Bobby’s face. Lashley flexed to amusement that helium has bigger muscles and suggested Theory enactment the United States Championship connected the line.

Theory told Lashley that helium doesn’t merit it and boasted astir being the youngest United States Champion successful history. Theory went for a selfie but Lashley booted him retired of the ring.

Veer Mahaan def. Dominik

Veer Mahaan battled Dominik Mysterio contiguous connected RAW. Rey Mysterio was ringside for the match. Dominik evaded Veer to commencement disconnected the enactment and ran astir the ring. Dominik deed a Dropkick but Veer shrugged it off. Dominik booted Veer successful the look and deed him with a Dropkick.

Veer responded with a elephantine Crossbody and started taunting Rey. Veer clubbed Dominik implicit the caput and lifted him up for a Samoan Drop. Dominik escaped to the ringing apron but Veer slammed him to the level extracurricular the ring. Mahaan posed and past went aft Dominik. Mahaan launched Dominik onto Rey and past booted Rey successful the look arsenic RAW went to a commercialized break.

When RAW returned, Mahaan sent Dominik into the turnbuckle and went for a Splash but Dominik dodged it. Mahaan charged again and coiled up crashing into the ringing post. Dominik deed a 619 and climbed to the apical turnbuckle. Dominik connected with a Frog Splash and went for the screen but Veer kicked retired astatine one.

Dominik went for a Tornado DDT but Mahaan blocked it. Mahaan turned Dominik wrong retired with a Clothesline and acceptable up for a submission determination but Rey broke it up. Rey booted Veer successful the caput and dragged Dominik retired of the ringing to extremity the segment.

Finn Balor, Damian Priest, and Rhea Ripley Brutally Attacked Edge

The Judgement Day (Edge, Damian Priest, Rhea Ripley) came down to the ringing arsenic RAW went to a break. The trio defeated AJ Styles, Finn Balor, and Liv Morgan past nighttime astatine WWE Hell successful a Cell. Damian Priest claimed that Rhea was going to triumph the Fatal 4-Way contiguous and spell connected to go RAW Women’s Champion.

Edge told the assemblage to adjacent their mouths due to the fact that helium has been doing this for 30-years. Edge told Damian and Rhea that helium is arrogant of them and however overmuch they person blossomed nether his learning tree. He added that idiosyncratic other was listening and introduced Finn Balor arsenic the newest subordinate of The Judgement Day.

Edge stated that Finn Balor is 1 of the astir talented men to ever measurement ft successful the ringing and wondered however this came to pass. Balor said helium had clarity past nighttime and to articulation The Judgement Day wasn’t a choice, it was a calling. Balor is bushed of being idiosyncratic that helium is not and noted that Damian & Rhea fought with much condemnation past nighttime than he’s ever seen.

Damian Priest said it is present clip to get escaped of Edge and they each attacked Edge. Damian slammed Edge done a array with the Razor’s Edge. Rhea brought a alloy seat into the ringing and Balor took a portion of it off. Balor applied a Crossface with the portion of the seat arsenic Rhea swung the seat astatine security. Priest past deed Edge with the con-chair-to. Balor, Priest, and Ripley past posed successful the ringing implicit Edge.

Roode & Ziggler Returned To RAW

Omos squared disconnected against Cedric Alexander contiguous connected RAW. MVP was ringside for the match. Cedric charged and Omos deed him with a Chokeslam for the pinfall victory. Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler returned and were interviewed connected the entranceway ramp. MVP interrupted and said they were disrespecting Omos. Roode and Ziggler shoved MVP disconnected the signifier and Omos caught him. Omos and MVP chased Roode & Ziggler to the backmost to extremity the segment.

Ezekiel Will Face Kevin Owens Again Next Week

Ezekiel battled Otis contiguous and Chad Gable was ringside for the match. Otis knocked Otis down with a enarthrosis tackle earlier beating him down successful the country of the ring. Otis deed a slam for a two-count. Ezekiel battled backmost with immoderate chops to the thorax and past rolled Otis up for the pinfall victory. He past challenged Kevin Owens to a rematch adjacent week.

Kevin Owens said helium already bushed Ezekiel astatine Hell successful a Cell, but he’s feeling generous. Owens stated that helium volition lone judge the rematch if Ezekiel admits to the satellite close present that helium is Elias. Ezekiel past admitted that his sanction is Elias and Owens celebrated. Ezekiel claimed that helium lied and took a leafage retired of the Kevin Owens’ playbook. He said he’s Ezekiel and leveled Owens with a genu to the face.

Rhea Ripley Is The #1 Contender For The RAW Women’s Title

RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair was ringside for tonight’s main event. Rhea Ripley, Doudrop, Alexa Bliss, and Liv Morgan battled successful a Fatal 4-Way to find the #1 contender for the RAW Women’s Championship. Nikki A.S.H. accompanied Doudrop to the ring. Doudrop elbowed Rhea successful the look but past got dragged to the extracurricular by Liv & Alexa. They bounced Doudrop’s caput disconnected the apron earlier Liv getting backmost into the ring.

Rhea sent Alexa backmost to the extracurricular and leveled Liv Morgan with a Clothesline. Ripley stomped Alexa down to the canvas successful the country of the ringing and changeable an evil grin to the camera. Bliss got successful immoderate kicks but Rhea overpowered her and shoved Alexa to the canvas. Ripley stomped connected Alexa immoderate much portion waving astatine RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair.

Ripley lifted Bliss up for a Suplex but Liv broke it up with a Dropkick. Alexa past planted Ripley with a DDT and knocked her retired of the ring. Alexa went for a Crossbody but Rhea caught her. Liv took them some retired with a Meteora and fell to the floor. Doudrop past deed Liv with a Senton arsenic RAW went to the last commercialized interruption of the night.

When RAW returned, Doudrop sent Bliss into the turnbuckle and deed her with a Splash. Liv connected with a Codebreaker connected Doudrop and past delivered a Dropkick to Ripley. Liv deed a Hurricanrana but Doudrop decked her with a enarthrosis tackle. Bliss deed a Sunset Flip Powerbomb connected but Doudrop deed her with a Splash. Doudrop past deed Liv with a Powerbomb but Alexa broke up the screen astatine two.

Doudrop climbed to the mediate turnbuckle but Rhea caught her with immoderate jabs to the face. Rhea joined Doudrop connected the turnbuckle and unloaded immoderate elbow strikes. This led to a Tower of Doom spot (Doudrop deed Superplex connected Rhea, Bliss and Morgan Powerbombed Doudrop) and each superstar was down.

Liv tried to screen Ripley but she kicked retired astatine two. Alexa Bliss and Liv circled each different earlier trading roll-ups for adjacent falls. They rolled astir the ringing implicit and implicit arsenic the assemblage cheered. Bliss booted Liv successful the ribs and deed a DDT. Alexa dragged her to the country and climbed to the apical rope. Alexa went for Twisted Bliss but Liv got her knees up.

Doudrop sent Alexa retired of the ring. Liv went for Oblivion but Nikki A.S.H. broke it up. Bliss and Nikki took each different retired with a Clothesline. Doudrop planted Liv with a Michinoku Driver and went for the screen but Rhea broke it up with a Dropkick. Ripley past planted Doudrop with the Riptide for the pinfall victory. Rhea Ripley is present the #1 contender for the RAW Women’s Championship and volition look Bianca Belair astatine Money successful the Bank. Ripley posed with Finn Balor and Damian Priest arsenic Belair raised the rubric to adjacent the show.